$5,000 From Scratch Review – Is It Legit?

By | December 2, 2016

5000-from-scratch-logo$5,000 From Scratch

Overall Ranking: 4 / 10
Price:  $27 base with a few upsells
Owners:  Ewen Chia
Website:  www.5000fromscratch.com


$5000 From Scratch, or 5KFS, is another product on the market by Ewen Chia.  I’ve done some other reviews of his products, and like the other reviews, this one didn’t really hit the mark.  It may be one of the higher scores I’ve given his stuff, but it still falls short of being something that I can promote or even say is a decent product.

One of the biggest reasons for this is that his products always seem to be a bit behind the times and a good portion of them are just cut and pasted from previous products.  These issues definitely take away from a products value in my opinion.  If you are looking for a product that is always up-to-date click here.

So this product seems is all about high ticket items and knowing how to promote them.  What are high ticket items?  Usually, these are very high commission affiliate products.

With this system, he shows you how to promote these items via tradition SEO, like Google or Bing, and also through Facebook.  The training is done through a series of videos which basically show how to find a hot niche and promote high commission affiliate products instead of going a more traditional route with smaller commission affiliate programs.

So instead of getting those lower cost, lower commission products that will give out $10 – $15 commissions, you are looking for higher cost, higher commission products that pay $100+.  That’s how you get close to that $5k goal in a short time, by getting fewer but much higher paying sales.  When you just step back and look at this, it doesn’t sound like that bad of a product and totally makes sense.

As I started to progress through the videos I began to see some major flaws in his system, which I will explain later, and this is what killed the whole deal for me.



  • Simple and fairly straightforward concept
  • Profit is possible with system
  • Not a scam
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee (This goes through ClickBank, I haven’t tried for a refund on this product but I’m assuming that you can get your refund in most cases)


  • Quite a bit of old information that isn’t really useful for the market these days
  • Upsells…
  • Higher risk strategy
  • A lot of the ‘bonus’ material should have just been included in the first five videos


This product is geared mostly for those that are newer to the affiliate market and are hoping to make big bucks fast.  My reason behind this is because anyone that has moderate to high levels of experience with affiliate marketing will see the flaws, or lack of value, in this system like I did and be turned away by it.

If you are looking for something that is geared for all levels of experience and offers real value click here.


When you finish signing up, you are directed to the member’s area.  This area features five training videos that teach you the strategy that I talked about in the introduction.  Further down the page, after the videos, you find some additional bonuses and links to join other programs.  This is a pretty standard layout for these cheaper subpar programs.

Let’s talk about the videos first…

Video #1

This is just a basic introduction video that explains finding a hot niche market and selling high ticket items to that niche audience.

Video #2

This video starts to explain where you go to find the affiliate promotions that pay high commissions.  It was a pretty basic video but it did surprise me with one new gem of information!  He shows a page on Amazon that allows you to filter out the high-cost items which pay a lot more just by selecting a certain price range…so simple but I never knew about it.

Video #3

This video starts to get into a little more of the meat of the program.  It goes into the process of setting up your Facebook marketing campaign.  This process begins with setting up a fan page for whatever niche you chose.

After that, he explains how you need to be posting articles and sharing content to your fan page.  This is all done to produce and attract people from your niche audience and if everything goes right, they will not only interact with your posts but also like your fan page, which increases the chance that they will become future clients down the road.

One other thing explained is the use of content writers.  Basically, you hire someone to write your article that you will be sharing on your page.  Usually, you only go this route to save time, but it can also be useful when dealing writer’s block.  You want to try to be as consistent as possible when it comes to posting articles to your fan page!

Video #4

This video goes into the specific details of marketing.  Ewen explains how you can visit other pages on Facebook that are a similar niche as yours and leave comments on their posts.  Doing this will give you more visibility and possibly attract people that are visiting that page to come to your fan page.

Another way of going about it is to advertise your page on what might be considered the ‘Big’ fan pages of your niche.  A lot of this kind of work is purely based off traffic and percentages.  Since these big fan pages are getting a lot of traffic, then the numbers show that if you advertise a percentage of that traffic will notice your advertising and react to it.

Video #5

This last video really just builds off the 4th video.  It takes what you learned about marketing in that video and goes over how to finalize a sale.  Possible ways of doing this are by just using affiliate links, by using direct messaging to reach out to potential leads, or even by creating an email list by collecting emails from visitors.

That pretty much wraps up these videos.  Pretty basic stuff really, which I why I said this system might be more appealing to a total beginner in marketing.

If you watch all of these videos back to back, the total viewing time is just over an hour…that’s not too bad I guess.  But personally, I expected more for the cost of this product.

Let’s talk about the bonus content now…

Bonus Material

The bonus material consists of five more videos.  These are basically just videos showing you other ways to generate traffic through different mediums.  One example is using Youtube to do video content, which is actually a pretty good way to pick up some extra content.

Another way shown is to make a webinar and get people to join live, or save them as archives and get people to watch them later.

In one video he goes into Ezinearticles.  This is one of those cases where Ewen is reaching down into some old and outdated ways of doing things.  Ezinearticles are pretty much useless wastes of time these days!


They offer you “priority special customer support” when you buy the product.  This is just your basic email contact support.  There is nothing special or any priority aspect involved here.


When you are going through the purchasing process this product costs you $27.  In my opinion, a little high for the content they offer.  There are also a few upsells here, one of them is a pretty expensive one.


With a price tag of $27, I think there is some decent info that comes with a few of videos.  I think it lacks enough meat and offers a little too much old information to warrant $27, and I would say more of a $17 would be better for what you get.  But with the information that is given and has value to it, this price might not be too bad for some people.

This is a strategy that can work for some people.  It’s not a scam or anything like that.  Doing things the way explained in this system can bring about profit, but it is a higher risk strategy and not one I recommend for pretty much anyone, at least not as a first go in the marketing business.

I still am a firm believer in building your own site and making money through SEO as the preferred and first route to take.  If you at some later point feel like experimenting with some other strategies, then this might be one of your options.

To wrap it all up for this program I’m giving it a 4 out of 10 rating.  It isn’t completely terrible and might be one of the better Ewen Chia products out there, but still isn’t that great.

If you want to check out a system that truly produces results, has huge value, and is constantly updating its material I strongly recommend you check this out instead.

6 thoughts on “$5,000 From Scratch Review – Is It Legit?

  1. Furkan

    5000 from scratch customer support looks slow. When do you think that they can answer the questions? and I would probably check out this program for hot niches. Thanks for the review.

    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Hi, Furkan.

      Yeah, their customer support is pretty much the basic run-of-the-mill support. Nothing special about it. You might hear back from them in 24 hours or you might have to wait a little longer.

      If you were looking for something to find hot niches from, I still would not recommend this site. There are better sources of information that you can actually tap into for free. This is one of many reasons why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. They have so many experts in the industry available throughout the day that are more than willing to answer pretty much any question. They have no problem giving their opinions on the top niches right now.

  2. Ronnie

    You did me a great favor to compare one product against the other. Though I feel everything is not a scam, I do believe that some offers are better than others. You did a wonderful job at pointing that out. There are a lot of people who have considered to do some niche marketing that needs to check out the Wealthy Affiliate program.

    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Hey, Ronnie.

      I’m glad I could be of help to you.

      I think it is always beneficial to do comparisons whenever they are applicable. If there is a better product out there, why not share it with those you are sharing information with? It gives them more options and might offer them a better service.

      Also, I agree with you that no matter what the niche checking out Wealthy Affiliate is pretty much a good choice every time.

  3. Brent

    great article. You seem to have done a very good job of explaining all it had to offer including the videos the program included. I especially liked the chart at the end comparing it to WA. Nice touch.

    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Hello, Brent.

      I’m glad you liked the article. I generally have a hard time giving any product that is purely videos a rating over 5. It just seems like they are only giving you, at most, half a product.


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