Affiliate Titan 2.0 Review – Why It Might Not Be Worth The Money

By | September 8, 2016

Affiliate Titan 2.0

Overall Ranking: 3 / 10
Price: $19.95 – Special Offer Price
Owners: Memeplex Limited


affiliate-titan-2-logoThis product is a platform that shows the hot sellers on different affiliate networks like JvZoo and Clickbank, along with those which have an upcoming release.

The products that are listed on this platform that are already available will show information about how they are selling, if there are bonuses being awarded, EPC values, and a link you can use to sign up with in order to promote the program if you wish.

This platform also contains other areas that provide you with sales letters which you can only get by filling out some additional information.  There is a secondary part in the platform which goes into some interesting instruction on making money through Facebook.

How is Affiliate Titan 2.0 useful to a marketer?

One of the first things I thought of was promoting a hyped product just as it was released through an email list and doing an email broadcast.  This can provide a very nice short term monetary pop if timed right.If you have some experience with Clickbank and JvZoo, you need to know that these sites also have pages where their top products are ranked according to their category, with JvZoo being the exception because from what I know, they mainly sell make money online products…

If you have ever used JvZoo and/or Clickbank then you probably noticed that these sites have pages that list their top products and ranks them based on their category.  These sites give information like sales ranking, gravity, hot sellers, and in some cases soon to be released products, and they give you this information for free.


Affiliate Titan 2.0 seems to take this information from sites like this and compile it all into an easy to read format all in one location.  For $19.95 I think that this is a pretty good deal when you are getting a product that will organize all the information on hot sellers, especially if you are doing like I mentioned earlier with jumping on a hyped products release.  But then you also need to remember that all of this information can be obtained for free from the other sites that this information came from.

There are basically two kinds of people that will look into this program, those that like everything given to them all in one place, or those that would rather save some money and do it themselves.  If you are one of those that likes to have everything organized for you all in one place, for a price, here’s what you get in Affiliate Titan 2.0…

A breakdown of the Affiliate Titan 2.0 platform

Launch Pulse:

Launch Pulse displays both released and pending product that are being put on the markets of other networks, like Clickbank and JvZoo.  This is your go to if you are looking to get on a breakout product as soon as it launches.


Moving from left to right, you will first see the date column.  This column shows how long ago this product was released (represented by a negative number) or how long until it is released (represented by a positive number).  So in this case, Bolt Publisher shows 29 days (positive #) which tells us that this product should be launching in 29 days.

The product column is pretty self-explanatory.  The person column displays the name of the person who made it.  Prizes show you if there is a contest available for making sales.  Price shows you the cost of each product.  Commission tells you how much you will earn, and the request buttons send you to a page where you can get your affiliate link for that product.

The last two columns are the big ones on this page.  They tell you how much competition there is for each product on YouTube and Google.  There is no real explanation given on how these numbers are obtained.  It looks like you can get the YouTube number by simply doing a quoted keyword search, but the Google numbers don’t give me the same results from a quoted search.  I’m not sure where these numbers are coming from…

Another rather key item that isn’t explained is what your optimal range on these numbers should be.  Do you want to get into something with little to no competition?  Does that mean that it is going to be a flop and no one will even notice its release?  And since we don’t know how the Google numbers are calculated, would a range even be accurate?  If you want to get accurate google numbers for keyword competition I strongly suggest you check out Jaaxy.

CB 100:

CB 100 gives you a list of the top 100 Clickbank products.  With the filtering options, you can narrow this list down to whatever category you are interested in and see the top performers in that category.  There is a problem I see with this portion of their platform…This information is pretty exactly the same as what you can get on the Clickbank marketplace itself!  So in other words, CB 100 is kind of useless in my opinion.

The funny thing is, there are more options available on Clickbank’s site than on Affiliate Titan 2.0.  CB has 24 categories to pick from, while AT2 has only 16.  Here’s what it looks like.  I’m not really going to bother going over it since there isn’t anything new or special here…


King of the Zoo:

Sort of like CB 100, this page shows you the top performers of JvZoo.  This one is actually a good tool though since the data it provides is actually useful and somewhat unique.  You can filter out products that you might want to promote based on product price, units sold, and how much you will earn (EPC).


The search option on this page is pretty bad.  Almost every time I searched for something I wouldn’t get any results back.  What I found is that the best way for me to find products was to use the filters and find products that were selling over a certain number, or which product were new, etc..  Pretty much everything else, other than the search bar, is useful.

1 Click Affiliate:

With 1 Click Affiliate, you fill out the form they provide to you.  They give you example text in each box, which I used to fill out the form.  When you click the button at the bottom it generates a bunch of text results, each in the form of a call to action.  So here’s the results:


And after clicking the button I got:


I have to admit, this part made me laugh.  There are obviously some grammar issues here.  Also, if you put in other text based on your niche you will find that some of the results it gives you further down the list start to really revolve around making money online.  Depending on your niche, this might be an issue and not make any sense at all.

The rest of the site:

After you get through the previous four parts of the platform, the next step you are presented with is four training videos which just go over all the items I talked about above.  It’s kind of weird to me that they put these videos down under step 5, after they have had you go and try to use each part of their platform in the previous steps… Anyway, moving along.

The next step we are given links to three tutorial videos on Google, YouTube, and email marketing.


So if it was just the tools that I talked about previously, I would still recommend using Affiliate Titan 2.0 to pretty much anyone.  The problems, for me at least, start when you get into these tutorials.  Not only are these tutorials just full of basic information, they also give somewhat non-traditional recommendations for increasing your ranking, which in the end will just end up failing.

For the basic information, it goes into things like getting an affiliate link and adding it to your videos, website, etc..  After that it start to recommend doing things like purchasing backlinks from Fiverr, which in my experience doesn’t work very well.  This is a section of their platform that I would not recommend to anyone.

T-Shirt Titan – The final bonus:

This is just a tutorial that talks about targeting niche audiences on Facebook and selling custom t-shirts through Fiverr to people.  Other than maybe being a bit cheesy, I think this is actually a decent idea.  The content they provided and the information given was actually pretty good.  It ALMOST made up for the terrible advice they gave for SEO in the previous step!

The rest of the platform contains links to other websites/services such as a niche selection helper and a squeeze page creator.


3 out of 10 stars – While this platform is relatively cheap and offers time-saving solutions that should help marketers, it doesn’t really offer enough to be worth it.  I would really caution you on following the SEO advice and if you are looking for fantastic SEO advice I strongly recommend looking here.

There are plenty of great products out there, both for beginners and experienced marketers, that offer similar results and are free.  That being said, at $19.95 I would recommend this platform to those that want everything organized in one spot and want to avoid opening multiple pages on other websites.

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