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By | May 9, 2016

So you want to build your very own website?   Guess what?  I can help!

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to create a website for a local business or you are trying to create a website for your own niche, you can accomplish either very easily with the tools available these days.  These tools have been tailored to allow even the website novice, with no coding experience, to be able to build their very own site very quickly!

If you are planning on building your own site, please continue reading…

The Most Important Parts of a Website

Creating-Your-Small-Business-WebsiteThere are many parts to a website.  You have the website, of course, which is your identity on the web.  You also have hosting, which is where you house your website in order to make sure your site is available for viewing by your visitors.  Then you have some important aspects of your website that will make you stand out as a quality site above those that are lacking.  These aspects are…

  • Speed and Load Time
  • Clean Look and Design
  • Must be easy to navigate
  • It has Quality Content
  • Uses a Content Management System or CMS

With a site that incorporates these five aspects, your site will not only be successful, but also very profitable!  To make sure you do this correctly, you will want to use a framework that makes the whole process as easy as possible.  I recommend you use WordPress.  WordPress is very straight forward, has a ton of documentation and community help, and offers thousands of options for customizing your site however you want!  If you want to build a FREE WordPress site right now, you can visit and get your very own domain setup and ready to go!

Why it’s important to use a Content Management System like WordPress

wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbIt is very possible that you have already heard of WordPress, since it is the most widely used platform for building websites.  In fact, I build this website using WordPress!

I come from a web developer background.  I worked for various companies for 15 years, building websites!  I will say, that WordPress makes it possible for someone that has had no coding experience to have the ability to build out a website full of all the features they can imagine.  Not only that, but also do it very easily and quickly!

I’ll list a few of the benefits that come from using WordPress…

  • Very easy to install.  (If you go through Wealth Affiliate you can install with just the click of a single button!)
  • You don’t have to bother with HTML, CSS, Javascript or any other web languages
  • Literally thousands of themes to choose from
  • Easy one click install of tens of thousands of plugins and add-on features
  • Tons of support within the WordPress community

This is just a small portion of the advantages you receive using WordPress.  I use it pretty much exclusively these days to build all of my websites!  Now I want to walk you through getting your own WordPress website and, more importantly, how to build that website.

How to build a WordPress Website right NOW and for FREE!

1_fullsizeTo make this as easy as possible, I will save a video for you that takes you through the process of getting your website up and running in about 30 seconds.  I’m serious it’s that easy!  Watch THIS VIDEO and see for yourself.

So as I said at the beginning of this post, I can help, but only if you are willing to act on the help I offer you.  Here’s the steps you will need to take if you want to have a website, that is up and running, in just a few minutes from now.

Step 1: Create your FREE account

Step 2: Since you get access to 2 free website and an entire training platform, USE THEM!

Step 3: Go through this FREE training course to get your newly created site off on the right foot!

That’s it!  Just those simple steps and you will have your very own, fully functional, WordPress site that is up and running with whatever content you want to add.

If you ever need help with your websites or anything else, the community at Wealthy Affiliate is full of people that are willing to help out with whatever you need.  Don’t be afraid to ask for something, because everyone there is trying to be successful and helping each other makes building that success so much easier.  Better yet, comment below for any questions your have or come and drop me a line on my profile at Wealthy Affiliate by following this link!

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  1. Dawn

    You have shared some great information for those who are looking to build a website to get there business started. Being able to get two site for $0 is an opportunity in itself, along with a free training it just does not get any better. Thank you for sharing how to get a website, and a training course for free.


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