Can I Get Rich Quick? – The Truth About Getting Rich Quick

By | August 15, 2016

can-i-get-rich-quickIf there is one thing life has taught me, or more specifically online marketing, is that whenever I have attempted to do something quick in order to achieve some fast positive results, I ended up with the exact opposite.  I end up making mistakes, and usually the whole project is a complete failure and something that requires a start over.  And that’s the irony of my experience with get rich quick schemes.  If I tried to get fast results I actually ended up taking a lot longer to see any results.

In online marketing there are a lot of people that are asking, “Can I get rich quick?”, and I will often tell people that the get rich quick idealism is the thing that ends up leading to so much failure.  I fully admit that when I began my online marketing journey, I had that get rich quick mentality.  All I wanted at the time was to make some fast cash.  The result I ended up with was finding scam after scam, or in some cases failed project after failed project.  I was a glutton for punishment at the time and this kind of idealism went on for several years, with nothing to show for it.  At some point, I don’t recall exactly when, I had an epiphany which led to me letting go of this desire to find the ultimate money making shortcut.  I thought about how much time I had wasted over the years with failed get rich quick projects and thought how if I had applied that time to one quality project what a different outcome I might have had.  I suddenly had to try this new direction out, so I  sat down and started working hard on a quality website.  I didn’t give up and I just kept working at it, and it was then that I finally saw a breakthrough!

A large number of the people who venture into the world of online business come in with an expectation of making quick money but what ends up happing is, as I mentioned earlier, is:

  • They end up quitting after they realize that to success requires hard work
  • They end up quitting because they don’t get those quick results  they had expected

At this point, most of these people will start looking for a program that promises those super fast results.  Too bad the vast majority, if not all, of these types of programs are total scams.  But that is how they get you,  by preying on the desire or need for fast cash.  Of course, it isn’t limited to just this industry, you can find them in any emotionally charged, result driven market.  For example:

  • Fitness
  • Dieting and nutrition
  • Multi-level Marketing
  • Market trading
  • Etc.

get-rich-quick-slow-and-steadySo in many ways, it is people looking for fast results and not putting in the required work that are at fault, but that’s not to say that in some cases the fault is that of the program that they are using.  What I’m hoping to leave you with in this article, is that in order to find success in online marketing (and pretty much anything else) you need to ditch the get rich quick mentality.  Can you achieve fast results?  Sure, but the chances of that happening are extremely low, and usually short-lived, so please don’t bank you hopes and dreams on this.  Those that do find quick results usually are people that have already set up a foundation to work from.  Here’s an example…

There are quite a few online programs that will claim that the secret to success is through list building.  They tell you that by sending out a single email, you can make a significant amount of money.  Unfortunately, that is how they end up getting you.  They fail to mention that in order to make that kind of money, you first need things like a website and you also need people to subscribe to your newsletter before you can try to sell to them.  Things like those I just listed take some time to establish, and it is only after that that you can start making money by using all the stuff you have already built.  Something like this usually takes months, and for some, more than a year to establish.  So in reality, the success they are selling you can only be obtained through the foundation that you have already built!

First, build a foundation (business), then focus on making money

get-rich-quick-build-a-foundationThere is actually only one program that I would ever recommend that people try if they are wanting to make money online (this one).  The reason being, this program teaches the most important thing to have success is to first focus on building your business, only after it is established should you think about making money.

The sad thing is that I see many people join up and one of the first things they ask is how quickly they can start making money.  I guess it is understandable to be excited and curious about when the cash will start rolling in, but then when someone answers with the fact that it takes times, there are many of these people that end up quitting.  This goes back to earlier in this post when we talked about the get rich quick mentality.

The reason I find this so unfortunate is because I know that a great many of these people that end up quitting had the potential to build a long lasting and extremely successful business.  This is why I constantly remind everyone, including myself, that once you start entertaining the idea of getting rich quick, you are headed down the wrong road for success.

So, what do I mean when I say focus on the business first, then making money?

Look at it like this…No business will ever make money if it does establish itself first.  There are usually a few basics needed to get established:

  • There needs to be an idea
  • There needs to be a place to do business
  • There needs to be a product or service

Luckily this translate very easily over to online marketing!  Let’s put this in terms that are useful to us:

  • We need a niche (our idea)
  • We need a website (our place of business)
  • We need to drive traffic to our site

Only after we start seeing that traffic come to our site do we start to see money coming in.  Fortunately for us, the cost attached to setting this up is extremely low.  But remember, it does require some time and hard work.  By maintaining the priority of building your business, you will see great results.

So how long does it take?  Well, a large part of that is up to you and how much time you willing to invest into building your business up.  I really recommend that you follow, and get involved with, a program that takes you through the entire process, in detail, while still making it simple to understand.

Bringing it all together

I realize that avoiding the get rich quick mentality is nearly impossible to do.  I still have my moments with my various businesses when I get impatient and want to do things the fast track way. But then I take a look back and visualize what it took for me to get the point I’m at today, I remember the trials and failures I subjected myself to when I went the get rich quick route, and I remind myself that with a little more time and hard work I will find the success I am after.

My hope for you is that you do the same and just focus on the tried and proven methods that work for you.  Put in the work, build your business foundation, and I promise that you will see the results you are after.

If you have any questions, comments, or personal experiences, please leave a comment below.  I would love to hear from you!  🙂

4 thoughts on “Can I Get Rich Quick? – The Truth About Getting Rich Quick

  1. Gary

    Can I Get Rich Quick?
    I love it, like nobody has ever asked me that one LOL!
    I love your angle and the emphasis on the key ingredients that build a stable foundation forsomeones business.

    Your site has a clean and helpful feel I really dig it, thanks for the great read!


    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Thanks for the kind words, Gary. I’m pretty sure almost every lower to middle-class citizen has asked themselves this very question at least once, so hopefully I can help a few out with my points in this article! 🙂

  2. Blossom

    Great advice, Christian. After all, the patient dog always gets the biggest bone. I may give wealthy affiliate a try though!

    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Hey, Blossom! I totally agree with that analogy. Besides, the payoff that comes with patience is great but there is also all the experience and knowledge gained over that time period that helps you create a sustainable business. I say give Wealthy Affiliate a try, especially since it has a free membership option. Let us know what you think about Wealthy Affiliate! 🙂


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