Copy Paste Income Review – Money Maker or Bank Breaker?

By | September 30, 2016

copy-paste-income-logoCopy Paste Income

Overall Ranking: 4/10
Price: $37
Owners: Ewen Chia


For those of you familiar with Ewan Chia’s product you, like me, might be cringing right about now.  Pretty much every experience I have had with his other products has ended in disappointment.  I was surprised to find that this particular product is not complete trash and actually does a few things right.

The basis of Copy Paste Income is that you are making mini ebooks that are submitted to websites to be given away for free.  So how do you make money?  That comes from placing afffiliate links throughout the ebooks.  When a reader goes through the book, clicks on one of the affiliate links and buys the product, that’s when you make your commission.



  • There is the possibility to make money by writing ebooks.  The process covered by the Copy Paste Income program provides you with that possibility.
  • Some of the information given is actually useful
  • They offer a money back guarantee


  • There are SO MANY upsells!
  • They aren’t really providing anything new here.  This form of making money has been around for a while, and they don’t really bring anything new to the table to set themselves apart.
  • Poor Support.
  • They don’t offer a free trial.
  • A lot of false promises.


Copy Paste Income is geared towards just about any skill level.  I think that people that might be considered newbies to affiliate marketing might be the biggest targets here though.  Anyone that has experience in this area will most likely see this product as a waste of time.

When you get to the main page there is a lot of hype talk and promises of making easy money right out of the gate.  Anyone that has had any experience of 3+ months in affiliate marketing will probably see through these claims and automatically be skeptical.


copy-paste-income-stepsI mentioned earlier, in a very general sense, how you go about making money with system.  Let me get a little more specific.  You learn the whole system by watching their training videos.  There are six videos to go through and the entire training takes a few hours.  I’ll break down those videos below:

Video #1:  This video goes over a lot of the basics like picking a niche that specifically targets an area where people are looking for help in solving a problem.  Then it gets into how you will be creating short ebooks that are about 30 pages long.

Video #2:  In this video you are taken through the steps of finding an affiliate product site (think Clickbank), finding a product for your niche/ebook and getting your affiliate link for that product.  It then shows you how to take that link and place that link within your ebook in specific places that might be of interest to readers.

Video #3:  This video start to get into a little more of the supposed SEO of the product.  I have to admit, even after watching this video and knowing how keywords and SEO work I’m still not sure how this helps in terms of ebooks.  Anyway, this video goes over finding keywords that are relevant to your ebook and putting them in your ebook itself.

In order to find keywords he uses a tool called keyword spy.   This tool basically just helps you find terms that are related to your niche and ebook topic.  Once you have those keywords, you insert them into your book.

This is one part that I actually have a big problem with since you are given no further information about the terms you are using.  You don’t see what your competition for any given term is, and this is crucial when picking out successful keywords.  If you want to use a method for finding keywords that actually gives you detailed information about those keywords and your competition, I recommend using this method.

Video #4:  In this video you learn how to make your ebook.  Basically, you just write a document in word and convert it to a PDF.

Video #5:  This video goes over the promoting part for your ebook.  They teach you about a few sites that help with promotion.  They give you a few of these sites and show you to find other sites like them.  So you put your ebooks on these sites where people will find them and maybe even read them.

Video #6:  This video gives you a summary of the other 5 videos and goes over a bonus marketing strategy.  This strategy talks about changing your affiliate links to opt-in form links instead, so you can create a nice email list for yourself.  This idea isn’t actually that bad.  I’ve not tried doing this, but the theory is sound and can lead to a pretty large email list.


There isn’t too much to say here really.  Their support claims to be expert 24/7, which translates to just your basic support that you would expect on any other site that sells you a product.  I didn’t find anything special here.


As I stated before, the price for Copy Past Income is $37.  After paying that price, you are faced with a wall of upsells.  Here’s a screenshot that shows you just what I mean…


As you can see, that’s pretty ridiculous.  Some of these upsells are over $100 as well!


Even though I stated in the beginning that this program surprised me by being better that Ewen’s other products, that doesn’t mean it is a good product.  The idea behind using ebooks to make money does actually work.  I don’t think anyone will dispute that.  The problem is that their idea isn’t really the best way to go about utilizing ebooks and it isn’t really a new idea.  Not innovative enough to be worth the price at least.

Here’s what I suggest.  Create your own site based on some niche that you have a passion for.  Write your own ebooks focused on that passion and sell those ebooks on your own site!  If you don’t want to sell it, then give it away for free and build an email list from it, but still do it on your own site.

I just want to touch on the upsells one more time.  Please, don’t buy any of these things.  Also, when you first sign up they kind of throw them in your face.  Look for the link in the upper right on the page right after you buy the product.  If you don’t do this you will hate yourself because you get trapped in unending cycle of upsell advertisements and there doesn’t appear to be a way to get back to the member area.

This product makes it seem like making money online required no real work and is virtually instant.  I will tell you now, there are no shortcuts and creating a business is the hard part.  In order to get you in best position to have start a successful business I recommend this program.



4 thoughts on “Copy Paste Income Review – Money Maker or Bank Breaker?

  1. Marisa

    Christian, thank you for this comprehensive review and helping others not to waste their money on low grade programs like copy-paste.

    I totally agree that when any program are about excessive up-selling, then there should be a RED FLAG as to what the basic program you bought, offers.

    I’m also a Wealthy Affiliate member and are glad to see that they are also your # 1 recommendation 🙂

    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Hey Marisa! It’s nice to hear from other WA members. 🙂

      It’s really sad to see people produce products with so little meat to them that are sold rather than given as a free trial or something. That’s the least they can do if 90% of their product is going to be sold separately in individual content pieces.

  2. Becka

    Well I’m not surprised. You can’t get something good from someone known for bad content. Maybe he’s trying a little bit, but not enough.

    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Very true, Becka. I’m a firm believer that Ewen will never produce a good product, but I also feel like I need to try something myself before slamming the door on it completely. I just hope that my review reaches a few people that might have otherwise wasted their money. 🙂


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