Does The Ultimate Passive Income Guide Actually Work?

By | January 9, 2017

Ultimate Passive Income

Overall Ranking: 3 / 10
Price: $7.00
Owners: Suthep Sachasiri

An Overview Of Ultimate Passive Income

Ultimate Passive Income is a guide which basically tells you that by setting up multiple online businesses today you can make lots of money down the road off of the websites that success and you continue this pattern to continue to bring and increase income.

The big pitch that the sales page continues to drive home is this idea of making money while you sleep.  In fact, the headline for this page is “Step-By-Step Guide Reveals How To Create Multiple Passive Income Streams And Make Money While You Sleep…”.

There’s nothing wrong with this idea but I found it to be annoying since your ‘customer’ is the internet and the internet doesn’t sleep even though you do.  Of course you can make money 24/7!  Ok, moving on…

The sales page also says at one point that most people that try to make passive incomes fail, which is true, and that “…there is a PROVEN, step-by-step plan to get results quickly”, which I believe is also true.  The issue I have here is that I don’t feel like this step-by-step plan was included in this material, but I will get into that in a little bit.  Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of this guide.

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of this guide.


Here are some of the pros of this guide:

  • Very well organized pdf e-book
  • Easy to read/follow
  • $7 isn’t too bad for what you get depending on your experience level

Now for the cons we have:

  • Very generalized guide
  • Falls short of delivering what it states
  • Free Gift Website doesn’t really offer any truly free services

So Who Can Use This Guide?

While this guide states that it is for anyone, I would put it more at the beginner level.  I suppose anyone could find some useful information in it, I admit I did, but it is really just little ideas and the vast majority of the information presented here is aimed at those that are just getting started with online marketing and business.

So if you have any experience in online marketing I would say that this product is a waste of $7 for you, but if you are just starting then there might be some useful information here.

If you are looking for a product that is truly beneficial to both novice and expert, I suggest you take a look at this one.

Breaking Down Ultimate Passive Income

When you go through the ordering process for Ultimate Passive Income you are given a downloaded zipped file.  This file contains everything this product has to offer minus the Free Gift web page that it gives you a link for.

The main component is the Ultimate Passive Income pdf.  This is a 41-page e-book that goes over all the things the author thinks you need to know to start successful passive streams of income.  These streams of passive income come in the form of:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Products
  • Dropshipping
  • POD (Print On Demand)
  • Automated Reselling

Other than briefly explaining each of these methods for making money online it goes into some strategies to help sell your products, pick a niche and create ads aimed at your target audience.  It also goes into making e-books for the kindle store and making apps for smartphones.

So, earlier I was saying that this guide seemed very generalized and felt like it didn’t go into many specifics.  Almost everything I have mentioned here is discussed and you are given theory but there are almost no examples given to help put theory into practice.

For something that is advertised as being a step-by-step guide, I would expect examples to be part of those steps but they aren’t there.

One of the bigger problems I have with this guide is I think he really undervalues the world of blogging.  There is a chapter that is about blogs and whether you can make a passive income from them.  His answer, yes and no.  He says that in making money from a blog takes time.  Well, that is true for pretty much everything mentioned in this guide to some extent.

After making that kind of a statement he begins talking about how you can make money if you buy websites that are already bringing in traffic or getting insider information on big products in prelaunch so you can get the jump on the market and position yourself for grabbing that traffic.

Maybe it’s because I’m so involved in blogging that it bothered me, but I think if he is going to write a chapter on blogs and their ability to make money that he should give examples of ways to build and promote a successful blog.  In fact, this is a common problem I see with a lot of guides.  They seem to always gloss over blogging almost like they don’t really have any experience with it themselves.

I have only found one place that really does a great job at giving step-by-step guides that are full of examples that take you down a start to finish path to building your own successful blog or online business.  You can check out my review on that website here.

So aside from the main guide, you are also given a few other resources in this package.  I’ll go over those briefly since they don’t really warrant too much discussion.

Passive Income Resource Sheet

This is a two-page pdf that gives you a few author selected resources that he feels you might need/want in order to be more successful.

The first part of this document is his book recommendations.  I haven’t read any of the books that he lists here and I really don’t see myself reading them in the future.  I’m sure that some people will read them and find the information in them useful or inspirational, which is great but just not really my thing.

The next section is dedicated to websites and tools.  There are a couple of websites listed here, the most significant being, which is fairly popular in the online business world.  I know I’ve seen it listed in more places than just this product.

I’ve checked this site out a bit and I’m wondering if most of the value comes from the podcasts (I haven’t listened to any of these yet) because the other material on this site isn’t really that impressive.  Just kind of your regular basic information much like the e-book I’m talking about here.

That’s pretty much all this document has to offer.

Passive Income Cheat Sheet

This is a three-page pdf that is just a condensed version of the main document.  It takes all the different ways to make money listed in the main document and gives you a paragraph of the most important information for each item.

For the most part, I found this cheat sheet to be the most valuable part of this entire package.

The MindMap

Ok, this thing is completely worthless to me and the best part is that on the sales page it lists this component as being valued at $17 by itself.  I’m just going to show you what I’m talking about…

This low production image containing snippets of information that is all found in the main document is valued at $17?!  I’m sorry, but that made me laugh when I saw it.  I don’t know exactly what I was expecting it to be, but it definitely wasn’t this png file that was probably created with windows paint.

Customer Bonus

This is just a one-page document that has a link that takes you to a web page with some links to other resources.

It offers some links to other e-books which from what I can tell are all free, at least the ones that I thought might be interesting were.

It also offers links to other various business and marketing services.  None of these appear to be free.  The ones I looked at all required subscriptions and didn’t really interest me.  Here are some of the services listed:

  • Free ad placement
  • Free leads for any business
  • Low-cost traffic source
  • Cheap ghostwriting
  • Start your own free hosting service

The reason none of these services didn’t appeal to me is because these are all things (aside from running my own hosting company) I do myself and don’t really want or need some company to do them for me.


While there probably aren’t too many reasons to contact this guy for support, other than a refund if you aren’t satisfied with the product, there are two links that you are given after purchasing.  One takes you to a contact form that you can fill out for support.  The other is an email address that you can send an email to if you want.  Other than that there really isn’t any support offered, but again I’m not really sure how much support this product needs.

Wrapping Things Up

I can’t really give this product my stamp of approval.  Overall it doesn’t offer much.  You get some pdf documents that contain lackluster and fairly generalized information and that is it.  I know, for $7 I shouldn’t really expect too much but I actually do.  This product offers so much more training and instruction, plus websites and hosting, and a lot of other stuff which you can actually access and use completely FREE.

I give this product a score of 3 out of 10 which I feel is actually pretty generous given what it offers and the quality of that offering.

If you have any comments or questions about Ultimate Passive Income, please leave a comment below!  As always, I look forward to hearing from you.  🙂

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