How Can I Increase My Website Traffic – Paid vs. Free

By | October 14, 2016

If you are pretty new to the world of online business, or you have just not had great success with your site, you might be asking yourself, “How can I increase my website traffic?”  There’s really only two ways to get visitors to come over to your site.  There’s paid traffic and there’s organic traffic.

I’m going to help you understand both of these types of traffic and show you which might be the better option for you.  Here’s a graphic that pretty well summarizes what to expect from both and where their strengths lie.  I will be breaking this down in detail below…


Which option gets faster traffic?

So one of the first things that come to mind when trying to drive traffic to your site is which one will get your results faster?

In almost every case paid traffic will bring faster results.  The only reason why this might not be the case is if you mess up your paid traffic campaign somehow.  If you have no idea how to run a paid traffic campaign, I recommend you check out this community platform.

Organic traffic is something that grows slowly at first and takes time to establish through new content, social media interaction, and in some cases a little luck.

Which option gets more traffic?

how-can-i-increase-my-website-traffic-imageThis is definitely another top priority question.  You want to make sure that you are investing your time on the right money making resource.  That’s why everyone is always talking about content and keeping things fresh.

While I told you that paid search will get you almost instant traffic results, long-term organic traffic will vastly outperform paid traffic.  Again, this is dependent on the work you have done, but assuming you can write decent content and do it on a schedule you will most likely find that this is true.

Which option brings better long term profits?

This question basically goes hand in hand with the last question.  You will almost always see a direct correlation between traffic and profit since conversions are broken down into percentages.  X number of people gets you Y amount of conversions/sales.

You will find that if you keep status quo on your site that whatever that percentage is will generally hold true until you change something in your content formula.

Which option is better if you are a beginner to  internet marketing?

For those of you that are new to internet marketing, you are probably wanting to know which one will get you more bang for the buck and also have the least amount of risk.

Now this is purely an opinion answer, but I would tell you that going with organic search is the better route for newbies.  The reason for this is that there is a lot to learn that will benefit you and your online business if you have a good understanding of organic traffic.

Also, as I mentioned before, paid traffic isn’t a sure thing and if you don’t know what you’re doing you might end up spending money that brings zero to very slim results.

Understanding Paid Traffic

how-can-i-increase-my-website-traffic-paid-trafficSo now that you see some of the ways paid traffic might potentially benefit you I’ll briefly explain what paid traffic is and where you can get it.

Paid traffic is exactly what it sounds like.  You are literally paying some business to get you site visits!  There are a ton of companies out there that will do this for you, but here are some that are more reputable:

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Pinterest Promotion

So you’ll notice some of those are search engine companies which will target the search engine results, and the others are social media companies which will promote you on those various social media sites.  You can get great results from any of these, although it is pretty much recognized that the first three in that list are your best bet.

There is actually a pretty big debate on whether Google Adwords is better than Bing Ads though.  The reasoning behind the debate is that Google is huge and you will surely get a lot of traffic for your money, but Bing has less competition so you have more bang for your buck.  Personally, I say if you are going to go the paid route, use them both!

What are the benefits of going with paid traffic?

Here’s what to expect:

  • Very fast results – you will usually see traffic within 24 hours.
  • If you pay enough you can get on the first page for ANY keyword out there – it doesn’t matter what the competition’s organic traffic is, if you pay enough you can beat them all.
  • If you are staying on top of the selling market you can time your campaigns and the quick results of a paid search to make huge profits on emerging products.
  • Give your content a test run – Paid traffic is a good way to see how much interest visitors have in your content.

I want to touch on that last point a little more, as it may be a little confusing.  Here’s what I mean by doing a test run.  Paid traffic will interact with your content almost exactly the same as organic traffic will.  So if you have a sales funnel in place or something along those lines you can pay a little for immediate traffic and see if your sales funnel is capturing any actual sales or interest.

So what’s the downside?

Basically, the downside of paid traffic is that it is costing you.  Even worse, as mentioned before, you might mess it up and get poor results for your money or if your content hasn’t been tested and isn’t interesting to your visitors you might get a lot of traffic that does not convert into profit.

Understanding Organic Traffic

how-can-i-increase-my-website-traffic-organic-trafficOrganic traffic is traffic that finds your site through search engines and social media.  Basically, any traffic that comes to your site that isn’t paid traffic can be considered organic.

The best part about organic traffic is that if you have interesting content you can usually get pretty high conversions.  Visitors are coming to your site because they are searching for something you are offering.  So really, the key to organic traffic is being visible whether through social media activity or through search engine rankings.

What are the benefits of going with organic traffic?

Here’s what to expect:

  • Once established it isn’t very difficult to maintain.
  • Relatively high probability of conversions.
  • Costs you nothing but time.
  • The potential for the amount of traffic you can bring in is pretty much endless.  If you keep promoting and targeting the right markets you can continue to drive more traffic to your site.


So what’s the downside?

The downside to organic traffic is that there is a waiting game attached to it, and for some that waiting game can be extremely long.  To speed the process up, you have to be very proactive with your content posting and social media interaction.  Sure there are those that get lucky and see upticks in organic traffic with less work, but that is pretty rare.

In fact, just as a warning, if you ever see a product advertising immediate organic results get away from that product as fast as you can.  It is a SCAM!  There is no such thing or product out there that can get you immediate organic search results.

The other issue with organic traffic is that it is always a competition.  There is that looming chance that someone will hit the same keywords as you and outperform you, stealing away that valuable traffic.  This goes back to being proactive.  You have to stay on top of these things and utilize your analytics to remain at the front of the search results.

Get Off On The Right Foot

I mentioned it earlier but I’ll say again that I believe putting your focus on organic traffic at first is the best way to go.  This will give you a better education on how SEO works and what to expect from it.  I also recommend you check out

I also recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about the different types of traffic.  This platform has amazing training available on just about everything online business related and is constantly updated through the hard work of dedicated experts.  The community there is truly awesome.

Another thing that organic traffic can offer where paid can not is stability.  As long as you keep putting regular fresh content on your site, you should either maintain your current traffic or even see it keep moving higher.

Now if you have both the budget and experience in doing paid searches, then starting there might not be such a bad idea.  If set up correctly you can make some money very quickly and supplement your traffic through payments until your organic traffic kicks in.

If you have any questions or comments, especially if you have experience with either of these, please feel free to leave a comment below.  As always, I look forward to hearing from you!  🙂

8 thoughts on “How Can I Increase My Website Traffic – Paid vs. Free

  1. Emily

    Great page; very informative!! Everything is explained in great detail and easy to understand. How much does paid traffic generally cost, for example on Google Adwords?

    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Hi Emily!

      I’m glad you found this post to be educational. As for your great question, it looks like the average cost per click in Google AdWords is between $1 and $2 at the moment. So you can see, just in terms of averages, how fast the cost could add up.

  2. Linda

    As a newbie to online marketing, I found this article to be very helpful. I’m working on my organic traffic, but I always think that I should be doing more paid traffic. Now I feel as if I’m headed in the right direction! Thanks!

    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      I’m glad you found this article helpful, Linda. Paid traffic can be a tricky thing for those that are just starting out, so I figured a little insight into both paid and organic might clear some things up. I’m thinking one of my next posts will be purely on setting up a paid traffic campaign!

  3. Brandon

    Wow, I can totally agree with you. Paid traffic is always faster when starting out, but free/organic traffic is better for the long run. Especially because you won’t have to invest anymore money into your business since it is all free traffic (which everyone loves of course!). The waiting game can be hard for most people though, a lot of people want to get rich overnight, when this is simply not the case.

    I really enjoyed your article buddy. Great job 🙂


    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Thanks for stopping by, Brandon. I’m glad you liked the article.

      I completely agree with what you are saying. It’s sad that there is this get rich quick mentality out there when it comes to online business, but as long as there are scam artists there will always be get rich quick schemes to snag people.

    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Haha. Very true, Amber. Traffic will never just magically appear, as much as we wish it would, so working at it is the only way you will ever end up getting that end goal of organic traffic! 🙂


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