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  1. Content, quality content is the most crucial thing. Unfortunately, some people are constantly looking for shortcuts or try to convince their selves otherwise.

    Google loves site that is frequently updated, if you keep your promise and update your site regularly, Google will trust your site,

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post and have a great day! 🙂

    • Hey, Anis. Thanks for stopping by!

      I completely agree with what you are saying. The thing about online business and marketing is that shortcuts rarely, if ever, work. When people do find a loophole it usually doesn’t last very long since search engines are constantly adapting.

  2. I have started lately to work on my new website. I was thinking that it would be boring but now I want to write a new post every day. Writing for you own website is a great and creative work. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey, Ilias. It’s great to have you here and it’s really great that you have a new website!

      I think that posting is just something that grows on most people. I mean, there are some people out there that just really enjoy writing stuff but I think most start out feeling the same as you expressed and then as they become more comfortable with things start to really enjoy it.

  3. Getting your website to the “authority” level -meaning that you have lots of quality content, traffic and rankings, doesn’t come easily. But if you pick a topic that you love writing about, somehow it just seems to come!

    • Hello, Emma!

      I completely agree with you. There is no easy way to get high authority other than time and work. With those two things as long as you are posting relative, quality content then, as you state, it will just organically and automatically happen.

    • Hello, Furkan.

      It really depends on what your niche is. With things like MLM or affiliate marketing, in most cases, your potential revenue is unlimited as sales and revenue are compounding. Now with physical and services you can start to figure out your actual revenue potential.

      For example, with a service you can figure how much time it takes you to perform that service and the maximum amount of clients/customers you could handle given that time frame. Multiply that by the cost of your service and you can figure out a basic estimate for potential revenue. With physical products it is pretty much the same thing, but you would take how many products you have or can produce and multiply that by the cost.

      If you wanted to get more detailed you could then start taking out all the costs of business to find your true revenue. But to answer your question, yes you can. 🙂

  4. Hi Christian! Gone are the days when scammy sites and trash content proliferated the internet. Since Google’s latest updates, internet marketers are beginning to realize that relevant and quality content is today the way to go if they want to make good business online.

    I really like this turn of events as this can only mean good things. Online audiences now have the chance to read great content which can really help them resolve their issues. You hit it spot on there – content is still king.

    • Hey, Kathy. I really appreciate you stopping by and giving us your input!

      I agree with you that this can only mean good things, mostly because if the readers start to expect and receive good quality content I think you will start to see less people just coming to your website only to leave after a few seconds. Those visitors will be coming to your site expecting great quality content to help them solve whatever their problem might be and in turn will take the time to actually absorb and interact with the material you offer them.

  5. Love the article and your emphasis on content creation. The only way to success is to provide value in the market, and the way to do that in this situation is through your content. Very well written article! Thank you!

  6. I found this all to be very informative. I am just getting into online marketing myself, and this was encouraging to read.

    Thank You.

    Also, if it’s not too much trouble, do you have any advice about having multiple affiliate links within one website for similar products? Is this a bad idea?

    I stand behind more than one brand that is willing to pay me commission to line up sales, and some of those brands overlap on certain products I’d like to promote.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi, Kameron. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you found this article informative!

      As far as having multiple affiliate links, sure you can do this if you want. You will want to make sure you are doing some sort of review on those products or services you are linking to. Don’t just throw ads containing your link up all over your website. Also, want to make sure you aren’t overdoing it with how many options you are offering and where you are placing those links. This can have a negative effect and turn away visitors.

      If you feel pretty confident in a product you are promoting and want to share that product with other people, by all means, do so!

  7. I am always looking to add to my knowledge ‘arsenal’ regarding blogging. Plugging away with slow but steady growth can be frustrating at times, but I’m encouraged by your post. Thanks!

    • Hey, Susan. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! We always love to hear from our visitors.

      Frustration, especially in the beginning, comes to each of us as we venture down this path but being able to work through that frustration and continue your work as a writer will eventually pay off. It sounds like you are doing great in this regard, so congrats to you on that! I wish you great success in your blogging journey. 🙂

    • Hi, Faith! I’m glad you found your way to this article and that you found it helpful.

      I have plenty of posts for you to browse through with all sorts of information about running a successful blog/online business, so read away! Let me know if you have any questions on anything you read that might need more clarification. 🙂

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