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By | December 20, 2016

One of the most important factors to having a successful website or blog is to make sure you continually have new/fresh ideas for it.  Being one of the biggest factors, it is also one of the biggest issues that website owners encounter.  For this post, I would like to talk about some of my personal methods I like to use to help me solve this issue.

Before we get into that, I do feel that it is important to talk about content itself as some people who are very new to the online business world don’t actually understand what content is.  Here’s a quick explanation to get things started…

Content.  What is it?

Content is just about anything and everything you put on your website.  It can be images, videos, or any other kind of multimedia you can think it.  Text also counts as content, so any articles that you write are content as well.

So with all the different ideas that a single person could have in a large range of subjects they might think about taking all of that content and putting into a single website.  While you would probably never run out of things to write about, at some point you will probably start to think traffic and monetization at some point.

Having a website that is really broad and covers so many subjects can actually stop you from getting those results!  The better way to go about it is to take those ideas, break them down into much smaller pieces and focus on one of those topics instead.  You will just have to worry about building your content that is specifically related to that topic.

As an example, I have many different subjects that I am interested in.  Making money, exercise, gardening, and gaming are just a few.

If I made a website that contained articles or content on all of those different interests, when a visitor came to my site they might get confused or turned-off by all the content that doesn’t have anything to do with the reason they came to my site in the first place.  But if I just chose one of those topics and focused solely on it, every visitor that came to my site would know that they were at a site that has the answers they are looking for.

So in short: Pick one topic and stick with it.  To be more specific, you want to pick a niche and build your content around that niche.

Important side note: Make sure you always are creating your own content and are never copying the content from someone else.  Doing the later could have some severe consequences for your website!

So How Do We Find Content Ideas?


As I was mentioning before, my recommendation is to create content on a topic that you find to be interesting.  Creating content for a subject you find interesting allows the ideas to come more readily to you and you will have a much easier time writing about those ideas.

The people that choose to go with a topic that they don’t really have an interest in and know little about end up hitting a plateau at some point which usually results in a halt in content creation altogether.  So just make sure whatever you choose for your niche is something you like.

Once you have a topic of interest, there some things you can do to continually find content ideas.  Here are a few ways I personally go about it:

  • Do searches on news reports for my topic.
  • Find and search forums that are related to my topic.
  • Find other websites that are on the same subject and get content ideas from them.  (Again, do not copy the work of someone else.  Using them for ideas is perfectly fine, though!)

Just using these three methods should be more than enough to keep you generating a nearly endless supply of ideas for your content.

So let’s run through an example of applying these methods to a blog about one of my interests…Gardening!

Searching news reports: You can go to any news outlet you like, but the one I like to use is Google News.  So I head over there and type in gardening tips, gardening tools, drought gardening, or whatever else is related to that topic.  With Google News, the reports are being updated all the time so you can always get ideas on things that are current.

Another way to do this is to go and sign-up with Google Alerts.  You just enter your different search terms for your topic and whenever something new on that item pops up you will receive an email letting you know about it.  This is a very POWERFUL tool once you learn to master it.

Searching forums: Forums are an amazing place to get all sorts of information.  This is probably my favorite way to get ideas for new content.  I could just do a search in Google for any of the items I talked about above, maybe even throw the word forum on the end of it, and I will get more results than I know what to do with.

I would just start working my way down the list of sites and usually within 10 minutes or so, I would have plenty of ideas.

Looking at other gardening websites: Whatever the topic is, there is most assuredly plenty of websites out there that revolve around the same topic.  Each of those sites is a great resource for you!  There is nothing wrong with using someone else’s ideas or topics and writing your own views on those ideas.

If I did a search for gardening websites I would probably target some of the bigger, more popular websites on the subject and get my ideas, and probably a lot of my information from those sites.  Again, just make sure you aren’t copying their work and writing your own thoughts or views on the subject and you are completely fine.


So, what about topics that don’t have to do with gardening?  Hey, whatever the topic is, you can use the methods I just listed to find enough ideas to keep your content fresh and regular.

Are there any other ways to find content?  Another great way to come up with content is to search for products or services that have to do with your niche.  Take those products or services and write a review on it.  For some people, the word review is terrifying because they think they have to be an expert or know everything about the product.  This isn’t true, though!

Using some of the ways we discussed above you can find plenty of information about this product.  Then you just simply break that product/service down into individual pieces and write your thoughts on your experiences or even the experience of others.  Once you get the hang of it, writing reviews is one of the easiest and fastest ways to come up with some content.

What do I do if I still can’t come up with more ideas?

There is going to be times when you just won’t be able to come up with any new ideas for a bit.  You will hit a wall and not know what you want to write about next.  Trust me when I say that this happens to everyone out there at some point, so don’t worry about it.

When this happens you have a couple of options actually!  If you have older content that is starting to get out-of-date, you can go back and spruce it up.  Doing this will often cause that older content that has fallen in page ranking to get a nice boost and some new life.

The other option is to take a break from your website.  Do something else with that time you normally would be blogging and enjoy life.  You will find that sometimes you just needed a nice break in order to come back refreshed and ready with new ideas.

If you have any comments, concerns, or just want to share your own techniques for finding new content ideas, then please leave a comment below!  As always, I look forward to hearing from you.  🙂

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    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Hey, Kim. Thanks for stopping by and glad this article could help. I’m pretty sure every blogger or article writer has times when they hit the brick wall for new content. I think a lot of individuals that are newer to the scene take this as a sign that they just don’t have what it takes to be successful, but this just isn’t the case! They just need to find news ways to get their creative juices flowing.


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