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  1. very insightful post! thank you for this. I have my own site but havent dove into the paid ads yet but i will be doing that soon. You mentioned that there are plugins that make it easy for you to schedule posts. Do you recommend one specifically?

    • Hey, Ilario. Thanks for visiting the site and I’m glad you found the post insightful.

      While not really a plugin, probably the most used auto-poster out there is Hootsuite. It has a lot of options to make your life as a blogger a lot more simple. If you want an actual plugin, though, I would recommend checking out Blog2Social. It offers pretty much all your would need for just an auto-poster.

  2. Chris

    Great post Christian! You do a great job outlining key steps to generate traffic to a website.
    Also, I completely agree with you on Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member for the past 6 months, and have learned so much from them! I totally back your recommendation for sure!

    Best of luck, and I look forward to furure posts!


    • Hey, Chris. Thanks for the kind words! It’s always nice when another member of Wealthy Affiliate stops by and leaves a comment. It just supports my claims about WA being a great community. 🙂

  3. Damian

    Hi there Christian

    Loving this post you created, it illustrates a very important point about not focusing on blogging just for money.

    If you can create a blog of content that people can engage in and return as repeat visitors eventually, they will invest money in affiliate products your blog features.

    People want answers, content and entertainment before they will part with their hard earned cash

    It is totally possible to blog and make money this way but the points you make in this post are GREAT!! Well done and thanks for this post

    • Hey, Damian.

      Thanks for stopping by. Big thanks for all the kind words! Creating engaging and informative posts are the only way that you will be able to monetize for a longer period of time. If you aren’t creating posts that people can appreciate and take something away from then they won’t bother coming back and that website will just sink in rankings until it gets absolutely no traffic.

  4. Really great topic and good for beginners. I didn’t know that starting it out could be that easy. I am sure that there’s hard work involve, but the logistic seems easy as you mentioned it. Great post!

    have a happy new year!

    • Welcome, Jonathan!

      Yeah, the steps are pretty simple and straight forward. As long as you follow the process that I laid out and put in the work, your chances of monetizing are pretty good.

  5. I’m in the process of trying to make money with my blog so these tips couldn’t have come at a better time! I love the idea of social media marketing and affiliate marketing. I’m somewhat intimidated by all of this, but it’s so good how you’ve laid it out that it makes it less scary. Thanks so much for this, keep your fingers crossed for me!

    Danielle <3

    • Hey, Danielle! Thanks for coming by and reading this article. I’m glad you found it useful.

      I’m fairly confident that if you follow the steps laid out here and just keep working at it, that you will find success somewhere down the road. 🙂

  6. Mentioned the perfect points, make money online we need a great foundation (on page optimization, superb content and at least 90% of organic traffic is important) Once you are getting valuable traffic can make money multiple ways with a single blog(AdSense, affiliate marketing, selling ebooks etc..) but need patience and knowledge to promote properly the blog.

    • Hi, Charan. Thanks for stopping by and reading this article!

      I agree with you almost completely. The only thing that you mention that I think might be debatable is 90% organic traffic. Sure, getting as much organic traffic as you can is great, but I think if your percentage is that skewed it could mean that you are missing out on some other areas of traffic, like social media for instance. But then again, if you have a really big blog that is getting hundreds of thousands of visits, well then it would be hard to get too high of a percentage in the other traffic categories. 🙂

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