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By | August 11, 2016

jaaxy_home_pageI have a confession to make..I love doing keyword research!  Ever since I started running my own business websites I have found that the thing that excites me the most is figuring out what the best keywords are for what I am writing.  Since I put so much time into keywords it is important to me to have the best keyword search tool out there.

In the not so distant past, keyword research was very much a manual process for me.  Using a few tricks I had picked up along the way, I could do my research much better and more efficiently than any keyword tool I had found.  From the ones I had tried, there were just so many reasons not to continue using them.  This leads me to…

The issues with MOST keyword search tools

In the past, if you have ever tried a keyword tool, you have probably noticed that a portion of them produce a TON of data that you are left to make sense of.  The problem is that with all that data, there is almost never any value in the numbers presented.  That’s right, you are provided with useless data by most keyword tools.

Here are a few red-flag items you need to keep an eye out for when purchasing keyword tools:

  1. Any tool that requires an installation
  2. Any tool that gives you PPC guestimates
  3. Any tool that determines competition bases on Alexa
  4. Any tool that makes you do several searches in order to accomplish an otherwise singular task
  5. Any tool that only gets its results from a single search engine

If you are looking at a keyword tool that has any of the above, it is probably a low-quality search tool.  Seriously, if you look at the items I listed, you will soon realize that most tools are making money by providing their users with COMPLETELY useless data because they lack the capability to get any meaningful data.

So, now that we know about some of the bad out there, let’s talk about the good!

Jaaxy Enterprise

When I do research for any of my niche websites, there are THREE metrics that I tend to look at.

  • What competition does the keyword have
  • What amount of traffic does the keyword get
  • Does the keyword sound natural, or make sense

For the last one, it just comes down to common sense since no tool is going to tell you that, but the first two in that list are two metrics that Jaaxy Enterprise can get for you.  The results you get will be extremely accurate, much more so than any other keyword search tool I have seen so far.  If you find some keywords with low competition that are also getting a decent amount of traffic you can easily climb the search engines just by creating some content or producing a video…as long as it is relevant to that keyword. 🙂

This might sound easy and it really is, but that is ONLY because of the quality data you are obtaining.

Super easy way to find “Money Making” keywords

One of the biggest problems that people have with niches these days is that they fear their niche is too over-saturated with competition and there are no keywords available to capitalize on.  The only reason for this is that they possess a lack of knowledge when it comes to keywords and keyword research!  The truth is, there is no niche out there that is “tapped out”, or even close to being so.  If you know how to do your research and you have the proper tools to help gather and organize the data from that research, you will find a HUGE amount of money making keyword opportunities.

If you were to combine access to a well-designed tool, like Jaaxy, and your ability to find an almost never-ending supply of keywords in any niche, you would find that you could create successful campaigns pretty much on demand.  Here, I’ll give you a couple of examples in some random niches that I promise I know nothing about (but this will give you an insight into where my mind wanders!).  Let’s go with “Pygmy goats” and “Weed removal”.  I am going to look for keywords that make sense, get traffic, and have less than 300 competing pages in Google.

Random niche choice #1: Pygmy Goatsjaaxy_search_window


With a single, broad search in the Jaaxy trial version, I have 15 keywords that will rank high in Google quite easily.  This was just a single search and it took maybe 10 seconds!  In this list you see, there are enough keywords to start a full campaign that targets pygmy goats.  Pretty easy, right?!

Ok, so now I’m going to try doing the same thing, but this time I will use the Weed removal niche.

Random niche choice #2: Weed removal

And there we go, another 14 keywords, this time for weed removal, that could be used to create some quality content on a new niche website.

So, as you can see, Jaaxy is an extremely efficient tool.  With just two random that took 30 seconds or less, I have found enough keywords to start two new campaigns.  For those of you that do things the manual way right now, you probably know that this kind of research would literally take HOURS to do.  With other tools on the market right now, it would take about as long as it takes to do it manually, but you still wouldn’t have captured the kind of data that Jaaxy offers.

Have a hard time finding domain names?

One of the problems you might experience when moving into a new niche is finding an open domain name that works with your niche.  Jaaxy Enterprise does this work for you!  Whenever you perform a search in Jaaxy Enterprise, included with all the other data is a column that tells you if a domain is available that exactly matches each returned keyword.  For instance, “Weed Removal Tools” was found in my search earlier.  In the domain column, Jaaxy Enterprise will tell me if there is a .com, .org, or .net available that exactly matches that keyword phrase!  That takes so much of the guesswork and disappointment out of domain name searches when you are planning a new niche website.

Need an example?  Here are the domain results for ONE search…jaaxy-domains

You’ll be surprised to find that many of the searches you perform come back with results that look just like this, full of money making .com domains that you might not have thought of!  At $10/yr for a domain that offers you literally 1000’s of clicks as a low competition keyword domain name, it’s a no-brainer that this is the way to go.  Jaaxy Enterprise opens up a completely new business model due to its ability to identify available domains so easily.

Choose a Jaaxy plan that works for you

This is just a basic overview of all the things Jaaxy can do.  Other than what we have already gone over, there’s brainstorming functions, a quick and efficient site ranking tool, an affiliate program finder, the ability to analyze the websites of your competition, keyword list storage…and the list continues.  I don’t know of any other tool that contains that many ‘bonus’ features.

The big thing about Jaaxy is that it has membership options for basically any budget or expertise level.  This ranges from those people that are just starting out, to those that well versed in the importance of proper keyword research, all the way up to those that need to have all the bells and whistles to ensure they have the best chance to be successful.


Jaaxy Starter: Free!

Jaaxy Pro: $49/mo

Jaaxy Enterprise: $99/mo

Choose a Jaaxy option that works for YOU here!

I’m an Enterprise user because I want to make sure I get every advantage possible when it comes to keyword research and I don’t want to waste a lot of time doing it!  If you are like me in that respect, then I really recommend that option.  If you aren’t sure and maybe just want to test the waters for a bit, go ahead and try the free Jaaxy option.  Being that it is free, it is limited (doesn’t give you access to all the features), but it will give you a really good idea on what Jaaxy can offer at the base level, which is way better than most paid tools.  Maybe you are ready to dive in but just don’t have the budget to go enterprise at the moment, well, Jaaxy Pro is the perfect option for you!  Pro contains most of the features found in Enterprise, but it doesn’t perform nearly as quickly as the Enterprise version. (On a side note, not being as quick in no way means that it is slow!  Figured I should clear that up. 🙂 )

I don’t think I mentioned this before, but Jaaxy is a web-based tool, meaning that as long as you have an internet connection you can access it anywhere.  This includes your mobile devices, as it is mobile friendly.  So if you ever find yourself waiting for some time in some long line, you can spend time doing a little keyword research! (I admit to doing this…)  Since Jaaxy contains a search history, you don’t have to worry about losing your ideas when it is time to go.

Ready to get your feet wet with Jaaxy?  Try the keyword search box below!


Get signed up for Jaaxy today.  Keywords are waiting to be found!

2 thoughts on “Jaaxy – The Best Keyword Search Tool

  1. Gary


    As I read through Jaaxy – The Best Keyword Search Tool, I found myself agreeing the whole way through.
    I have been using Jaaxy now for a few years and I have to admit it is for my money the single best Keyword Research Tool out there.
    I have found that with the results that I get, followed by the traffic to my websites, Jaaxy more than pays for itself each and every month.

    Thanks for the great read, all my best,


    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Hey, Gary! I’m glad you have found Jaaxy to be useful. I think that most people just look at the surface of Jaaxy and use it only for its keyword search capabilities, which are great, but once they decide to try out the other features of the platform is when they finally see the true value of it.


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