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By | May 4, 2016

You may have heard or read about how people are able to make money from home by running their own blog, or maybe you have started dabbling in the blog world yourself but just haven’t found the success you were hoping for.  Either way, I’m telling you that it is very possible to make the money you want as long as you put in a little work, and I’m going to tell you how to do it!

Blogging has huge potential and as long as you know a few key things up front you can make your blog start turning over revenue.  Think about it for a second.  There are literally billions of people using the internet every day, and these people are all searching for very specific things.  With that many people searching the web the possibilities of topics that will attract viewers are almost limitless!  This will bring us to the first topic, NICHES!

Pick your niche and stick with it!

how-to-find-your-nicheYour niche is the first step to building a successful blog.  This can be pretty much anything you want it to be!  I would suggest picking something you are passionate about though, because this will not only make coming up with writing ideas easier but will also make your writing feel a lot more personal for the readers.  This is important since you want to establish yourself as an authority for whatever niche you choose!  Now you might be thinking that becoming an authority of anything is a pretty intimidating task.  Not so!  Being passionate about what you are writing about will pretty much make you an authority in that niche!  It really is that easy, I promise.

Pick a domain name and build your website!

This is the part that you creative types really like.  You get to build your site out to look basically however you want!  Though, before you do any of that you need to pick a domain name for you site and make sure it is available.  Now if you have read any of my other posts on this site you know that I am a huge advocate of FREE.  The good news is that you can get started on all of this for free right here at SiteRubix!  They offer free site and hosting options, which is perfect for those just getting started with blogging.

They also use the WordPress SiteRubix-logoplatform for working on your site.  WordPress is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, site building platforms out there.  It has tons of themes, widgets, and site packages (Like SEO apps!).  WordPress also makes managing your posts and pages extremely simple.  I’m a HUGE fan of WordPress.  So yeah, I really suggest heading over to SiteRubix and getting your site up and rolling with almost no effort!

If you need a little of a demonstration of just how easy it is to get your site up, I recommend watching this video!

Create quality content and drive traffic to your site!

Once you have your site allcontent (1) built out the way you want it, it is time to start populating that site with quality content that is focused on your niche.  I would recommend coming up with a list of categories you can create topic for.  It doesn’t have to be a huge list or anything, maybe four or five categories.  Once you have those picked out, next it is time to write some lists of topics you can cover under those categories.  If you can come up with some topics that fall under multiple categories, hey, even better!  One important thing to remember through this whole process is NOT to STRESS OUT.  Doing these brainstorming exercises make getting some content up at the start a lot easier, but it isn’t a huge deal if you are drawing some blanks at this stage.  As long as you have chosen a niche that you are passionate about, the content will come.

After you have some topics picked out, you can start writing content!  Now I would aim for 1,000 to 2,000 words for your articles, but definitely more than 500 words.  You don’t want to have articles that are too short, since they tend to lack informational substance at that point.  This is by no means something that is set in stone, of course, but is a general rule of thumb when it comes to blogging.  If you are writing content that will allow for pictures or videos to add value to whatever you are trying to convey, then use them!  Media is a great asset for capturing the attention of your visitors.

While you are in the process of building out your sites content, you should also be focusing on driving traffic to your new site.  I strongly suggest creating some social media accounts for your blog.  Once you get that done, you can start following/friending people to create a platform to advertise your blog on.  You can search by interests or niches on some social media, which makes things a lot easier.  One of the best things about social media and getting your blog off on the right start is the groups that social media offers.  Join some blogging groups as soon as possible.  Not only are these group general full of people willing to help and answer any questions you might have, but they also offer ways of further advertising your blog.  You can very often find bloggers that are willing to promote your blog if you do the same in return for them!

If you want to join a really great group, I recommend checking out my Wealthy Affiliate review.  There are thousands of members on this platform, all of which are always extremely responsive and helpful.  There is also a large number of tools available to members of the platform to help you get the most out of your site!  Best thing is, you can sign up for FREE!

The last steps!

Once you start promoting and advertising your site, that is by now populated with some content, you will start to see more and more traffic heading toward your site.  At this point you can start thinking about monetizing.  This opens up a whole lot of options, which ultimately is up to you on how to proceed based on what you are trying to accomplish with your blog.  You can write and sell ebooks to readers, you can do clickable ads, you can sell some product, or you can even sell a service.  There is so much you can do to make money once you have that traffic coming in!  No matter what, stick with it and have fun.  If you can stay excited about posting on your blog and making little changes here and there to affect the amount of traffic you get, you will soon find that you are a blogging addict!

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