How to Build an Authority Site

When it comes to building an authority site there are tons of misconceptions out there on this very topic.  No matter what you have already read about the subject or might see in the future, what you need to know about it is that this is something you can do on your own and I’m going… Read More »

How to Come Up With Ideas For Your Website

One of the most important factors to having a successful website or blog is to make sure you continually have new/fresh ideas for it.  Being one of the biggest factors, it is also one of the biggest issues that website owners encounter.  For this post, I would like to talk about some of my personal… Read More »

What is Black Hat SEO and Why Should You Avoid It

You may have never heard the term Black Hat used when talking about SEO.  It is a very important concept that everyone should be aware of when they are involved in any type of online business because using Black Hat techniques can lead to severe Google consequences. So, what is Black Hat SEO exactly?  Black… Read More »

$5,000 From Scratch Review – Is It Legit?

$5,000 From Scratch Overall Ranking: 4 / 10 Price:  $27 base with a few upsells Owners:  Ewen Chia Website: INTRODUCTION $5000 From Scratch, or 5KFS, is another product on the market by Ewen Chia.  I’ve done some other reviews of his products, and like the other reviews, this one didn’t really hit the mark.… Read More »

How Can I Increase My Website Traffic – Paid vs. Free

If you are pretty new to the world of online business, or you have just not had great success with your site, you might be asking yourself, “How can I increase my website traffic?”  There’s really only two ways to get visitors to come over to your site.  There’s paid traffic and there’s organic traffic.… Read More »

WP Content Machine Review – Stay Away From This Product!

WP Content Machine Overall Ranking:  1 / 10 Price:  $25 one site / $27 unlimited sites Owners:  Ankur Shukla and Danny Ade Website: INTRODUCTION WP Content Machine is a WordPress plugin that basically gathers a bunch of information on a topic from various sources, “spins” it, which gives you “fresh” content to put on… Read More »

Video Wave Review – High Ranking Videos or Low Ranking Waste of Time?

Video Wave Overall Ranking: 4 / 10 Price:  $57 for Lite / $67 for Pro version Owners:  Tommy Hatcher, Paul Ponna, John Gibb and Mo Miah Website: INTRODUCTION The Video Wave software was created to bridge the gap between those people that want to produce YouTube videos but either don’t have the technical know-how or just… Read More »

Copy Paste Income Review – Money Maker or Bank Breaker?

Copy Paste Income Overall Ranking: 4/10 Price: $37 Owners: Ewen Chia Website: INTRODUCTION For those of you familiar with Ewan Chia’s product you, like me, might be cringing right about now.  Pretty much every experience I have had with his other products has ended in disappointment.  I was surprised to find that this particular… Read More »

Affiliate Titan 2.0 Review – Why It Might Not Be Worth The Money

Affiliate Titan 2.0 Overall Ranking: 3 / 10 Price: $19.95 – Special Offer Price Owners: Memeplex Limited Website: INTRODUCTION This product is a platform that shows the hot sellers on different affiliate networks like JvZoo and Clickbank, along with those which have an upcoming release. The products that are listed on this platform that are… Read More »