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    • I’m glad you liked the post! I find most people, myself included, get caught up in trying to always focus on the big stuff and tend to get overwhelmed. Starting small gives the fuel we need to get through the big stuff!

  1. Kris

    Hi Christian, this is a great reminder. Another strategy I use to keep feeling motivated is to set goals and always have something to look forward to. It helps if you are looking to the future instead of dwelling on the past.
    Of course success breeds success as it is easier to build on your recent successes while feeling motivated. It is harder to get success from failure, although you can use your mistakes to fuel your success as it can make you more hungry to succeed.
    Thanks for an awesome post!

    • You make good points about success breeding success and are spot on! As far as what you are saying about goals, I go over something very similar in my post about goals. I’m glad you liked this post!

  2. Subra

    General Comments:
    Very catchy site name AND post title.
    Image suggesting links between Happiness and Success is equally strong draw. It makes one want to know how you describe the relationship.Links on the page and Facebook link work well. Overall clean lines, functional pages, with provocative page titles. They tennd to make the viewer curious. I am glad to see that you are eminently qualified to pitch for WA.

    Text and writing style make post readable, but it took me a few reads to begin digest Christian Dorius’s thoughts and associations. Happiness as described here comes across to me as including a strong dose of “positivity” or “positive outlook”.

    Equally important, the author suggests how to go about achieving success, that is starting with small things. The writing and ideas feel “personal and original”.

    i have bookmarked the page for re-reading, and to see if my understanding of a ‘sense of gratitude’ and “being positive” can sit back while I fathom ‘happiness’ in Christian’s words. Thanks for the provocatively positive thoughts.

    • Christian Dorius

      Thank you for the detailed analysis of this post!

      I try to keep things on the light side where reading is involved but try to pull some deeper thoughts and considerations out from my readers. I’ll have to go back over this post and see if I was either being too deep in some areas, or more likely just not explaining myself as well as I had hoped.

      I am glad that you seemed to have enjoyed the post though and will be pondering the deeper meanings of happiness and success that I mentioned here.

  3. Ian

    Hi Christian,
    Nice article! Success and happiness are definitely linked and I find that I draw success to myself when I choose to be happy. Starting small with micro-goals is essential and it’s important to celebrate the small wins. Enough small wins will eventually lead you to the big wins.

  4. Chawn Bracey

    Motivation is the driving force to success. You make a great point by emphasizing on our happiness and how it helps us to sustain our motivation. The process to our success may be a long road but if we can keep ourselves happy along the way we set ourselves up for greatness. Im a pretty motivated person but sometimes I have my days where I need an extra boost. This is a site I will visit each and every time I need a boost. Thanks.

    • Christian Dorius

      Thanks for the kind words and great input. I’m really glad you liked the post and can use it to help keep yourself on the right track to success!

  5. George

    This is some good advice. I think that success in anything big or small has a lot to do with attitude, temperament and approach.
    Also taking on big projects or tasks can only be successful when one approaches one small task at a time. And as you say that small success is inspiration to progress to achieving the big ones!

    • Christian Dorius

      Hey George! Thanks for stopping by and reading this post.

      I agree with all your points. Attitude, temperament, and attitude are definitely key qualities to success of any size.

  6. Andrew

    Thank you for this article. It came at the right time. Recently, I’ve been feeling really stressed out. Nothing is going my way and I am lacking the drive to go on. I need some motivation. Reading this has helped me. It’s true, finding some small work or tasks to do can help a person to gain some momentum.

    • Christian Dorius

      Hey, Andrew. Thanks for stopping by and reading this post.

      I’m glad that you found some inspiration and motivation from reading my post. Keep working in small steps and soon your will have a foundation and, more importantly, formed a habit that will lead to continued motivation and success. Good luck! 🙂

  7. Melanie

    Hi Christian. I enjoyed reading your article. Yes its true, we do all get great ideas, but it is lack of self belief and motivation that prevent us from getting that success. People should also be aware of who they spend time with if they want to stay motivate. Being around positive people with similar goals will help keep you motivated.

    • Christian Dorius

      Hi, Melanie. Great to have you here.

      I agree with you completely when you mention the people you are around. I know from personal experience that some people can just leech the will and motivation right out me in a one sided relationship.

      In the past I have even had to tell a few ‘friends’ that I couldn’t really be around them anymore because it was so draining on me. Kind of a rough thing to have to do but sometimes you just have to put yourself as number one and do whatever it is to make you happy and motivated again.

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