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  1. Interesting. I’d never heard of Video Wave before. Curious price structure, huh? My immediate reaction is that it looks set up to drive people to Premium. Why even bother with the Lite if you’re limited to 5 videos?

    Seems there are more tools out there than ever but few things can fuel your results like dedication, consistency and hard work.

    I appreciate your review. Keep up the good work!


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Kevin. Also, I agree completely with what you are saying. Buying software that basically becomes useless within a few uses seems like it’s just there to make a cash grab or, as you said, drive traffic to premium.

  2. Thanks for the detailed review! That’s strange that you can only make 5 videos with the standard version and unlimited for $10 more! I would hate to pay that for only 5 videos. Your recommendations for keyword tools and online business are helpful too.

    • Hey Sandra! Thanks for stopping by to read the review. The 5 videos to unlimited videos price point seems to be the sticker for almost everyone I talk to. In my mind, whenever I see an option like this I start to automatically think cash grab or scam.

  3. Thanks for a great article Cristian. I can see how I might enjoy something like this but I just have a few questions.

    If you buy the lite version you only get to make 5 videos? This sounds awful to me. I would want to really make a lot of videos and make use of it.

    What exactly do the editing features entail besides doing a slideshow or adding sound? I have never found something that works for me for editing a video, I am like an editing idiot. I would love to find something that made this job really easy and simple… kinda like Photoshop vs Canva you know what I mean?

    I do like that this lets you submit your video to more than one site, that is quite cool.

    Regarding the keyword research. I also use Jaaxy and I love it, but that gives you keywords for online searches, not specifically for Youtube searches. Does this software do keyword research for online searches or Youtube?

    I know what you mean, different keyword research tools often give very different information and this makes it tricky. I stick with Jaaxy as a general rule.

    • Hey Lynne! Those are some great questions and I hope my answers will help you out.

      The Lite version does only allow 5 videos, which is pretty awful.

      They use a “Camtasia Style Video Editor” which allows you to do basically all the basic things a video editor allows. Things like trimming/cropping, importing, recording, and any other basic video editing. You can also add assets for text, art, animation, and sound.

      I believe the searches are also for Google. At least that is what they claim. I don’t know if that is just a mistake on their part and they really only do keyword searches for YouTube or if Google keywords really are included. It would be a lot easier to check if they provided actual numbers in their metrics instead of just a single word value (Excellent, good, bad, etc.)

      I’m glad you are a Jaaxy user. That is such a fantastic piece of software for just about anything keyword related!

  4. Brandon

    Oh man, that you so much for this thorough review. I had a so-called guru trying to sell me this product and by the looks if it, you have saved me some money in the process. I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

    I see you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate, well I am also a member of this site and can 100% back it up and stand by its claims of being possibly the number 1 best platform out on the internet.

    Great job with this post friend.


    • Thanks for your comments, Brandon. I’m glad you didn’t end up paying money for this software. You probably would have had buyers regret after using it for just a few minutes. 🙂

      It’s always nice to see a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member!

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