Viggle Review – Can You Actually Make Money With It?

By | January 10, 2017

If you have found your way to this post you are probably wonder one of two things, “What is Viggle?” or “Does Viggle actually work?”  In this review, I’m going to give you the answers to both of those questions as well as give you a look at the nuts and bolts of Viggle once you become a member.

Before we get into the details we can get right to the first question…

What Is Viggle?

Viggle is an app that pays you to view ads.  The company behind Viggle tries to convince you right on their website that you are getting paid to watch TV, but you are really getting paid to work with the ads that you get during the shows you watch.

It’s really just that easy…watch shows and participate in the ads when they come up and you will get paid.  So let’s get a little more detailed about this Viggle app.

Overall Ranking:  6 / 10
Price: Free

How Do I Get Viggle And How Does It Work?

Viggle is an app that requires either an Android or IOS phone to work.  You can download it from the Play Store or the Apple Store depending on which phone you own.

Once the app has been installed and you launch it, you will be required to sign up.  You can do this either by entering in some standard signup information or you can sign up through Facebook.

When all of that is done and you finally get onto the home page of the app you are presented with a few options:

  • Earn Perk Points
  • Rewards
  • Bonus Shows
  • Games

If you have viewed any shows they are shown under those and labeled as “My Last TV Check-In”.

The part that you would find of most use would be the first option, “Earn Perk Points”.  You tell the app whether you are watching live tv or if you are streaming the show you are going to watch.  This is one part that I think is kind of weird.  If you select live tv you are prompted to allow the app permission to record audio.  It does this so it can listen to the show you are watching in order to identify that show.

I don’t know why, but that kind of freaks me out just a little.  I have an Xbox, it listens to me, and I don’t feel weird about it but with this little phone app listening for my tv show just creeps me out a bit.  Anyway…

I don’t watch too much tv aside from my kids’ cartoons every day but I do enjoy streaming my shows on Hulu or Netflix.  So, as we move forward we will use me watching a show on Netflix as an example.

I choose the streaming option and the app asks me to type in the name of the show I’m watching.  Lately, I have been watching a Netflix Original anime called AJIN but this app doesn’t recognize that show in its database.  I’m not really sure how many shows it has in there but it doesn’t contain everything Netflix is currently offering.

The last series I watched before that was another Netflix Original called Medici: Masters of Florence.  It didn’t have that one either…in fact, it didn’t have a lot of those Originals titles available as an option.  This just another little thing that bothered me since Netflix streaming is one of the hot selling points to get people to use this app.  I figure it should have most, if not all, of the Netflix Originals listed.

I ended up just going to the recently added part of Netflix and choosing the first option there, which was Captian America: Civil War.  The app let me know that I was watching “Capitaine America: La guerre civile”.  I found that somewhat humorous for some reason.  The only option available is to “Start earning Perk Points”.

And this is where you spend most of your time on this app.  There is a segmented bar which represents the show or movie you are watching and between each segment is a star icon which represents the “commercial break” ads you will have to watch along the way.  There is a timer that counts down so you know when the next commercial break is coming up.  It appears to happen in 6 minutes intervals.

There are two ads that play and you just have to sit through them to get your 2 perk points.  So from what I can tell you get 1 perk point from checking in to a show and 2 perk points for each commercial break which happens every six minutes.  Let’s do some math!

From start to the very end of Captain America is just under 2 hours 30 minutes.  That’s 150 minutes with ads every 6 minutes, so you end up with 25 commercial breaks throughout this movie.  That’s 50 perk points in ads plus the one just for starting the movie, or 51 points.  Keep that number in mind just for a moment.

Let’s say I decided to cash out and roll my points into an amazon gift card.  In order to get $1 of amazon credit, I need to turn in 1250 perk points!  I would have to sit there and watch Captain America 25 times just to get $1 worth of Amazon credit.  That’s 62.5 hours of streaming for just $1!  Wowza!

Now there are other elements to this app like the Bonus shows section.  Basically, this just gives you a list of their hand picked shows that give you a point multiplier if you choose to watch them.  The multiplier is shown at the bottom of each show’s picture.  I’ve only seen 2X points available, but they claim that it goes all the way up to 10X points sometimes.

There is also a section that you can play games in order to earn extra points.  The only games I have seen listed here are live trivia matches where you answer questions about different shows.  I guess this could be a nice break for the other ways of earning points on this app but still, there isn’t much of a reward offering for participating in these trivia games.

Ok, so let’s talk about the pros and cons of this app…

Pros And Cons

What’s good about this app:

  • It is a legitimate business, meaning you won’t get screwed out of points and you will get paid when you cash out
  • Everything is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take much time at all to figure out how to navigate and use the application
  • If you watch a lot of TV then this might not be a bad way of earning a little cash while doing what you like to spend your free time doing

What’s not so great about this app:

  • The number of shows in their database is limited
  • Some of the shows that are listed are only available in languages other than English which means that the ads you are listening to are not in English either
  • The points rewarded are ridiculously low for the point to dollar exchange rate


Wrapping Things Up

While I think the idea behind this kind of app is pretty cool and is also a great way to get advertisements out to the public I just can’t get past the amount of time you have to spend watching shows in order to make even $1.  Because of this simple but ultimately fatal flaw in their business model, I can’t recommend this app to anyone.

I give this product a score of 6 out of 10.  The only reason that it gets as many points as it does is because it does exactly what it states.  It loses points just because I think the value of the product is pretty much non-existent.

There are just so many other ways that you could spend even a portion of that time and make so much more than what they offer.  If you want to learn more about one possible way to make money in your spare time then my personal recommendation is this way.

If you have any comments or questions about Viggle, please leave a comment below!  As always, I look forward to hearing from you.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Viggle Review – Can You Actually Make Money With It?

  1. Gail

    Very Interesting!! I like your reviews. Is there a way I can follow you to keep reading your Greatly Detailed Reviews that you do? Interested in finding good apps and you seem to be the one to tell it like it really is. Thank you Gail Anderson

  2. Anna

    It seems that I cannot get a reply from support. I log into a show and after a few minutes my screen goes black and cannot log back in or get any points. It seems I am not the only one having this problem. Is it going to be fixed and are there any bonus points given to loyal vigglers. We would also like a timely reply to when we have a problem.

    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Hello, Anna. Great to have you here with us!

      That’s really too bad that you can’t get in touch with their support. I would assume that if you reported a bug they would look into the issue and see about fixing it in a future update, but sometimes that takes a while to happen.

      As far as I know, there are no bonus points given to loyal Vigglers. The only way I know you can get extra points is by doing their quests and streak challenges. Hopefully this helps a little!


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