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Wealthy Affiliate Makes A Difference

I first found out about Wealthy Affiliate through a website much like this one.  I had been trying to find ways to work from home by making money online.

I had found quite a few website that listed out various ways like online surveys, watching video ads, being a virtual assistant, and everything else under the moon.  The one thing that really stuck out to me was making my own blog and monetizing.

I went and found the first hosting platform that promised awesome tools, support, and other things that would help to make my website an instant success.  There was a monthly fee involved, but it wasn’t too high so I figured I’d take the plunge and start making a living through my blog.

Now you might be thinking that I’m about to tell you that this platform was Wealthy Affiliate and what a success it was for me.  Nope, I had found another company to go through to build the blog of my dreams.

I learned a lot while being a customer with this company but unfortunately what I learned was that they had offered me a lot of false promises and something that I couldn’t use to its full potential without going through upsell after upsell.

I was feeling pretty bad about the whole situation.  I felt as though I had been scammed but at the same time I didn’t know where else to go for the services I was being offered, so I continued to pay them month after month with hopes that my blog would finally take off and start making me money.

It was around this time when I was doing my daily Twitter rounds that I noticed a tweet that piqued my interest.  I can’t remember what the tweet said exactly, but it had to do with free training and making money online.

I clicked the link in the tweet and was taken to a personal website someone had built that talked all about the struggles of making money online and about a community that offered free training and tools to help people like me have the best chance possible to create a successful online business or blog.

Seeing that it was free, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to sign up and see what they had to offer me as a free member.  That was the day that I had found not only something better than what I was currently subscribed to but also the day that I began the journey that eventually lead to the creation of this very website!  That was the day I was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate.

Product: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: Starter account is FREE (Sign-up Here)
 A Premium Membership is also available for $49/month

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall Ranking: 10 / 10

Who’s It For: All Levels; Beginner to Expert

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

First, I think it’s important to point out that I am currently a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and I love being part of the Wealthy Affiliate community.  I’m not just some guy that got an affiliate link and is trying to sell people on a service that I have no real experience with and that I don’t believe in completely.

So, having made the choice to read this review, you are probably interested in a few things.   You are probably looking to learn how to create a successful online business or blog and then be able to actually do it.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that is going to allow you to do this.  It doesn’t matter what level your technical knowledge or experience is at because Wealthy Affiliate has built its platform with everyone in mind.  It is easy enough for a complete novice to use but powerful enough to give an expert all the tools they will ever need.

There might be a few reasons that you are wanting to start your own blog or business online.  Maybe you want to:

  • Earn extra money/supplement your current income
  • Quit your job
  • Have much more free time
  • Spend more time with your friends and family

Whatever your reasons are, Wealthy Affiliate offers you the steps and training to give you the very best chance possible of having a successful and positive outcome.  To achieve this outcome, all that is really required of you is to follow along with each step (in order if possible) and put what you learn to use on your own website.

It is also important to note that this is NOT some get rich quick scheme.  Building a successful online business or blog takes time.  There is no getting around that.  But by putting in the effort and time up front, your chances of building something that meets your goals and expectations are very high.

How Is Wealthy Affiliate Different From Any Other Training Products?

For me, one of the biggest things that sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from other comparable platforms is that it really is a community more than anything else.

While everything WA has to offer is high quality and top notch, there is nothing out there currently that comes close to the community that it has.  Thousands of members taking part in both forums and live chat discussions that range from business to just hanging out with friends that you have met through their website.

If you are getting lost on some of the concepts talked about in training or some other aspect of your website/business, just post a question in one of the classrooms (forum categories) and you will get responses from experts in that area.  Maybe you are feeling a little burned out and just want to take a little break from working on your website.  This community is full of friendly members that shoot the breeze in the live chat area.

One of the other things that sets Wealthy Affiliate apart from other products out there is the sheer volume of training available.  There is literally hundred, if not thousands, of training materials available for members.  This ranges from classrooms, video instruction, tutorials, live video training, tons of walkthroughs, a Bootcamp training program, and certification courses.  All of these various forms of training are all put in place to help you succeed and enjoy your time at Wealthy Affiliate!

Another aspect of this program that I have not found anywhere else is the amazing support system it offers.  I mentioned earlier that there is a whole community ready and willing to help with any issues that come up, but Wealthy Affiliate also has a great in-house support system.

You just submit a ticket describing your issue and you will hear back from someone on their support team very quickly (most of the time less than an hour in my experience).  They are always extremely kind and very helpful!

I want to also mention that you can join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member completely FREE.  With this membership, you get 2 websites at no cost that you can use to get your business started right away.  Signing up for the free membership doesn’t require you to put any payment information in either.  You pretty much just need your username and password.

I will say that I have yet to find another product out there like this one that offers a completely free membership.  You might get a short trial period, but even that seems really rare.  So, if you are just wanting to try it out to see if it will work for you, you are able to use Wealthy Affiliate at NO COST.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

If you are serious about building your own online business or blog, and learning how to doing it the right way, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Wealthy Affiliate has been built to accommodate all levels of marketers and businessmen, from someone that is brand new to someone that already has a successful business and wants to bring it up to a whole new level.  It doesn’t matter what age, location or country you are in, you will still get all the benefits that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

As long as you have a computer, laptop, or pretty much any mobile device as well as a connection to the Internet, you can also be building your business, getting some training, or getting lots of help within Wealthy Affiliate!

If you are wanting to build a business or blog that will allow you to earn money while still living whatever lifestyle you desire, then Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

Want To See Some REAL Testimonials From Actual Wealthy Affiliate Members?

What’s Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate offers its members a full suite of tools, strategies, and materials that provide them with the learning environment and training necessary to build their blog or online business in a proper and legitimate way.

Here’s a list of some of the services available to you when you join Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Over 600,000 Community Members Who Are Supporting, Helping, and Sharing With Eachother
  • Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Lessons
  • 24/7 Live & Interactive Help
  • Two Websites With The Free Starter Membership
  • Very fast And Secure Free Hosting
  • Access To One Of The Best Training Programs Available
  • Access To Industry Experts And Millionaires, Including The Owners Kyle and Carson
  • An Environment That Is Spam Free
  • Over 1,000 World Class, High-Quality Certification Courses, Live Video Classes, and Classroom Discussions
  • Superb Keyword Research Tool
  • Tools For Business Productivity

Let’s Talk About The Training

Whether you have your own unique niche that you are targeting or are a completely blank slate, Wealthy Affiliate starts you at a foundation level that is easy enough for anyone.  You can choose to start with their Online Entrepreneur Certification courses or start with their amazing Affiliate Bootcamp training that is perfect for someone wanting to build their own affiliate website.

These courses will allow you to:

Learn the entire process of building a money making online business
Tasks to help you be more involved in the WA community
Set up your financial and non-financial goals
Learn how to navigate and use the WordPress environment
Learn the techniques through easy-to-follow instruction to optimize your website to be search engine friendly
Research and create lists of low competition keywords to help you get ranked higher faster on search engines
Learn how to create relevant, high-quality content for your website


wa-online-classesThere is also classrooms available that include:

Tutorials and Walkthroughs, as well as Video based training
Discussion on various topics related to whatever classroom you are in at the time
Access to experts in and particular subject you are interested in


Wealthy Affiliate also has hundreds of training videos as well as regular live training sessions which have been created by the experts in the Wealthy Affiliate community.  The live video classes are highly interactive, allowing you to make comments or ask questions and get real-time feedback.

Let’s Talk About The Tools


Wealthy Affiliate offers you a very robust kit to accomplish all of your research, writing, and website building/hosting applications for your business.

The Keyword Tool

As both a paying premium member and a free starter member you get access to a Keyword Tool, which is extremely valuable for all the keyword research you will need to do.  This tool is easy to use and understand but also provides some very important information to help you make decisions on which keywords will get you the best results.

There is also another keyword tool you get access to – Jaaxy – the best keyword research tool that is currently available.  You can learn more about it here.

The Website Builder

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you get access to the SiteRubix Website Builder.  This is a great tool for almost anyone but especially to newbies.  The Website Builder makes creating your website a breeze, with all the backend stuff getting done behind the scenes for you, all you have to worry about is naming your site and picking out a theme to start with.

Having a professional background in Web Development I had always performed all the setup of my own sites which could be very time-consuming.  Having SiteRubix take care of those tasks freed up my time to allow me to get right into creating content.

The Website Builder

Wealthy Affiliate features a state of the art hosting platform that is completely free for members.  The hosting is something that the owners of WA take very serious and it is shown by the quality package they offer:

  • A simple yet highly optimized hosting platform
  • The ability to create FREE websites whenever you want
  • The ability to easily move a website from one domain to another
  • 100% automated daily backups
  • Hosting regularly being updated to the latest in hosting technology
  • Site maintenance and personal monitoring
  • A spam management system that catches spam before it even gets to the comments on your website
  • 24/7 support ticketing system


How Much Does All Of This Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership options available – Starter Membership and Premium Membership

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Program

Starter Membership: FREE

As mentioned above, the Starter Membership allows you access for FREE.  When you become a Starter Member you are going to be given instant access to the entire Wealthy Affiliate community.  That includes access to:

  • Live Chat
  • 3 Classrooms
  • Networking/following
  • Ability to add comments
  • Over 500 training modules
  • 2 Free fully designed websites
  • Access to the keyword tool

And one of the best features of being a starter member is that you can start earning money through their affiliate program.  You don’t have to upgrade to take advantage of the program they have in place where you can earn revenue whenever someone signs up using your custom links.

If you have shopped around before reading this review you probably are noticing that this FREE Starter membership is offering way more than most of the paid products out there in the industry right now.  They just can’t compete with something that has so much to offer and is completely free.


Wealthy Affiliate Premium Program

The premium membership actually has two signup options – Monthly or Yearly

Monthly Membership: $49 per month ($1.63/day)

Yearly Membership: $359 per year ($0.98/day)

While you get a whole lot from the Starter Membership, a Premium Membership unlocks a huge number of extra perks.

Perk #1: You are able to create up to a total of 50 websites that all get the State-of-the-art hosting that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Perk #2: You get an unlimited number of Keyword Searches using the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Research Tool.  Leverage keywords and get better rankings by taking full advantage of all the data this tools offers, which it collects from major search engines.

Perk #3: Get invited to live video classes every week.  These 60 to 90 minutes classes offer complete walkthroughs of new ideas that you can use to improve your online business and possibly increase your monthly earnings.  Also, if you miss a live class you don’t have to worry because they are all made available for you to watch whenever you want on the WA website.

Perk #4: Complete access to the highly esteemed Wealthy Affiliate Community.  Connect with other members to improve your knowledge, networking, and create new long lasting friendships.

Perk #5: Get complete access to ALL of the training, tutorials, classrooms, video training, and walkthroughs.

Perk #6: Full access to every level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp training.

Perk #7: Get higher commissioned earnings from your referrals as a Premium Member!

With Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership means Premium Treatment.  As a premium member, Wealthy Affiliate commits to you that it will offer the training and resources that you need to be successful with your online business.  They also commit to continued updates to platform and tools in order to keep at the forefront of the industry trends.

Signing up as a Premium Member only takes a few seconds but can forever change your life.  Are you ready to step up to the challenge?



Final Verdict

Wealthy Affiliate has revolutionized the way that mentoring is, and should be, done with its comprehensive online training system.  If you really do have a desire to start your own online business or blog and are serious when it comes to wanting to generate revenue from it, then I strongly recommend giving Wealthy Affiliate a try as it is far superior to any other system out there.

And here’s the thing…you don’t have to take my word for it!  You can go and CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF FOR FREE to see that wealthy affiliate really is making a difference.

Join the starter, it’s completely FREE.  You have absolutely nothing to lose by going this route and if you don’t like Wealthy Affiliate, then I want you to come back to this article and tell me about your experience.  I’m completely serious about that!

Once you join, I will get in touch with you within the first hour with some instructions on where to start with Wealthy Affiliate (Although you might have dug in and figured it out by then!).  With this, there is one thing that I want you to promise…that you will set-up your account!  It is so very simple, especially since you will be walked through it after joining Wealthy Affiliate.  Setting up your account is a huge step towards getting on the path to success!

Join Wealthy Affiliate, it’s $0 (Free)!

****** PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The Free account is not available in the following countries:

The Premium Memberships are still available to these countries so you still have the opportunity to sign up and start building your own online business.

For signing up you also get a bonus!

When you start your FREE Starter Account, you will be offered a bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days… a 59% discount!  When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will contact you through your profile with a greeting message and a bit of information about Wealthy Affiliate.  I will let you know things like how to get help from me, and how to claim your bonus.

Give Wealthy Affiliate a try, and I promise you that you will be completely satisfied with your experience at Wealthy Affiliate!

8 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate – My #1 Recommendation

  1. Chris

    Thanks for such great information. I like the personal touch. It’s awesome to see a community of website builders helping each other out, instead of competing. It’s also amazing to see someone offering training for free. You often see people charging for this valuable information. Great review. Lots of great info. Thanks for sharing. It’s definitely worth checking out.

    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed my review, Chris! It is really unique to see such a large online community all working toward a single goal. That’s just one of the things I found to be truly great about Wealthy Affiliate!

  2. Arief

    Hi Christian.

    I was completely overwhelmed by the size of the training materials. Everything that I needed is there. When I ask someone, that person will direct me to the right training.

    I just can’t believe how big the library is. Wealthy Affiliate really guides you until you have an up and running website.

    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Yeah, there is literally no end to the training that you find there. I use the search option pretty much daily and am always finding new information about whatever it is I’m searching for. It’s definitely the best site I have seen to have such a large amount of information in one consolidated area!

  3. Mitch Klatt

    Hey Christian, thanks for the post/review. Quick question: would this site be for someone who already has an idea and/or online business they are trying to get started or would it also be useful for someone who would like to explore career opportunities and use the site to potentially build an online business?

    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      You’re very welcome, Mitch. Hopefully, you found this review helpful. To answer you question, Wealthy Affiliate is built to support the needs of both the most novice to the well established. You can have just an interest, your own idea, or an working business and you will find Wealthy Affiliate to be extremely useful in each case. The training and tips found on their site are constantly expanding as industry experts add their personal training pretty much every day. The community support system that has been established there is by far the best I have ever seen, so you will never be stuck with questions unanswered. Hopefully that answers your question! 🙂


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