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By | July 1, 2016

I’ve been seeing the question “What is a keyword tool?” come up a lot lately as I have been casually browsing social media and various forums.  Most appear to be  involved in online business or blogging.  Not only is this sort of a shock since it is so very critical to having a presence online, but it is also an indication as to how many individuals get into this business without receiving any support or any proper training.  Also, there is a very good chance that if you don’t know about keyword tools you might not even know what keywords are.  So I’m hoping that by writing this post I can address this issue for you today.

First off, you must use keywords to be successful online. It’s the way visitors will find your site! The thing about keywords is that all keywords hold different values. What I mean is, some get searched more, some get searched less, and some get searched almost never. A little later on in this post I’m going to show you how to find low competition, but valuable, keywords using 4 different methods.  You won’t have to worry about cost either since every method is completely FREE!  I use these exact same methods to have my site draw in visitors.

Note: If you already know what keywords are and why that are important, you can go ahead and skip to “Let’s talk about keyword tools” below.

Let’s talk about what a keyword is!

keywordsWhen you search for something in Google, or any other search engine, the words you type in the search field are known as keywords.  So for instance if you search for “How to make the best paper airplane”, “What should I make for dinner”, or even “Success money and happiness” (Ok, a little plug there!) you are using keywords to look these things up.  How many keywords are there?  As many stars as there are in the sky…no really, there is so much variety on the usage of keywords that it is basically endless.

Ok, great.  So now you know what a keyword is, but how does this benefit you?  Well, we are going to use this new information to:

  • Find very specific keywords that we can use to generate traffic (profit)
  • Find keywords that get decent to high amounts of traffic (through searches), while also being low competition


So what this means is…

1. Find very specific keywords that we can use to generate traffic (profit).

There are some keywords that get a ton of searches. For example, “how to lose weight” gets searched on Google around a million times a month! While something like “What should I make for dinner” doesn’t have as much traffic, but still surprising a lot.

So, to make money online, we will have to search for very specific keywords instead of the vague ones. The thing to note here is that the more specific a keyword is, then the better your chances of making money.

For Example:

Above we mentioned, “how to lose weight”.  Going off of that topic, using ‘weight loss’ would be WAY too vague of a keyword but a better option would be something like, “Weight loss for men over 35”.

Paper airplane is also too vague. A better option is: How to make the best paper airplane.

Canned food is too vague. Here’s a better option: How to cook canned food while camping.

I think you get the picture.  Each of the better option examples are SO much more specific.  Now that you understand specific keywords, we can move on to…

2. Find keywords that get decent to high amounts of traffic (through searches), while also being low competition.

There’s much less competition (other pages competing for the same keyword) for keywords which are more specific than broad or vague keywords.  Back to our example, the keyword “weight loss” has millions of competing pages while “Weight loss for men over 35” has FAR less!

Why is it important to searching for keywords that have very little competition?

Because your website has a HIGH chance of ranking on the first page of the search term if you are using keywords with little competition.  This means you will be getting the MOST amount of traffic possible.  How much traffic is the first-page worth?  Oh, only about 90% or more!  Based off a Chikita statistic, which is pictured below, that’s how much traffic you can get if your site is ranked on the first page of Google for a keyword!

Percentage of Google Traffic


Now that you understand what a keyword is, and why they are so important, let’s move on to the keyword tools…

Let’s talk about keyword tools!

So, what is a keyword tool?  In its basic form, a keyword tool allows you to input some words and it will output suggested keywords based on your input.  Think about Google’s search bar for a moment.  This is a keyword tool!  You can start typing in some words you want to use and Google will show you some options that are maybe a little more specific than what you have typed out yourself.  This is a great way to find specific keywords, rather than those vague keywords that we talked about in the previous section.

But what about competition?  Well, even the google search will show you what your competition is, but there are other tools out there that take all this information and present it to you in a cleaner and clearer format.

So a search tool allows you to input a few keywords and, in return, it will give you more detailed keyword suggestions, show you your competition for each suggestion, and possibly give you other useful information on that suggestion.

Now you that you know what a keyword search tool is, next I would like to show you a few amazing ways you can put them to work for you…

Using 4 Free Methods to Find the Best Keywords!

Each keyword out there has a certain amount of competition for it, in the form of pages.  What this means is that other websites, including your site, are competing for the exact same keyword you are, so if that competition is too high you might want to look at using a different keyword.  Here are a few methods you can use to find out if a keyword is worth persueing:

Method #1 Google Search: 

This method for finding profitable and specific keywords involves you doing a Google search to find the exact competition.  Remember, we are looking for low competition keywords, so if you find one with low competition, you might have a potentially profitable keyword to work with!

Why use this method:

For starters, it’s free to use.  It also helps you find low competition keywords.

How to use it:

Step 1: Type a keyword into Google’s search engine.  For reference, we will use our old keyword friend, “How to make the best paper airplane”.  Take note that I put the keyword in quotes.  Whenever you want to find the EXACT competition for a given keyword, you must put the keyword into quotes!

Step 2: Click search, or hit enter, and click on the LAST PAGE of the search.  It is very important that you click on the LAST page if you want to get accurate results.  Doing this will give you the EXACT number of competing pages.  If the number is less than 300 or so, you have found a keyword with little competition!  This keyword will have a HIGH probability of showing up on the first page! Going back to my example “How to make the best paper airplane”, here is what I found:



Method #2 Keyword Tool (I Recommend This One):

For this method you use the free keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate, which is also my #1 recommended place to learn how to be successful with your online endeavors.  They offer a starter membership that is absolutely free and with that membership you can use their free keyword tool in addition to some amazing step-by-step training to get you making money online!

So why do I recommend this method?

This is an awesome tool that shows you the exact competition you have, which you can use method #1 for, BUT it will also tell you HOW MANY people are searching that keyword so you will know exactly which keywords are profitable or not!

Get free access to Wealthy Affiliate & it’s keyword tool here!

Method #3: Use The “Alphabet Soup” Technique (Video Walkthrough) to Find Keywords:

This is a really great technique one of the Wealthy Affiliate owners found.  Anyone can use it to find very profitable keywords pretty much INSTANTLY!  I use this technique for a lot of my keyword searches and I have found a lot of very profitable keywords because of it.  Here is a video showing how it is done:


Why use this method:

Like the others, it is free to use.  Also, this method can help you find a ton of keyword ideas!

Method #4: Using “Jaaxy”:jaaxy-200x200

Jaaxy is one of the best keyword tools out there, hands down.

You get 30 searches for free and it will give you extremely accurate information on its competition along with how many searches a keyword is getting.  You will be saving a ton of time and money by using this tool.

Using this tool, I have found many keywords and created websites which get 1000’s of visitors every month.  Click here to view how Jaaxy works and how you can use it to find the best keywords.

Try Jaaxy’s Search Right Now:


Why use Jaaxy:

  • Accurately and instantly will find high traffic, low competition keywords
  • Gives a never ending source of keywords and keyword ideas
  • Makes your job extremely easy by saving time and effort
  • Free trial for 30 searches and more!
  • I have used Jaaxy to make websites that generate 1,000’s of visitors every month

Bringing it all together!

Just to wrap things up, the very best keywords are the ones that have both, the most traffic, and the least amount of competition.  With these kinds of keywords you can get a lot of unique and returning visitors to your site and in return, make a lot of money!

To put it all in perspective:

Let’s say you have a website on building paper airplanes.

Using the methods described above, you can literally find 100’s of keywords related to this subject that get a HUGE amount of searches each month due to your website ranking high!

Once you get the hang of things, you can make different websites, each with different subjects, giving you an endless amount of traffic and potentially an unlimited amount of money as a result!

Fun fact!  There are over 2 BILLION people on the internet every day and a very large portion of those people are buying things online…you can capitalize on this!

Want my best advice?  I recommend using Wealthy Affiliate to learn every possible way to make all of this happen!  Honestly, everything I learned about internet marketing and everything I have put on this website is because of the training and support I got from them.  I am 100% confident that they will do the same for you!

If you have any questions about these techniques or anything else I discussed here, let me know in the comments below.  I would love to hear from you!

11 thoughts on “What is a Keyword Tool

  1. Christine

    This is awesome. I’m just starting to delve into the world of SEO and keywords, so I appreciate the detailed explanations. Definitely thinking over my strategy! Thanks.

  2. diane

    Great article- I’ve been looking for a really good keyword search tool and honestly, i wasn’t sure how to interpret the results. I am using the Google Adwords Keywords tool, and it seems pretty good… your thoughts on that one?

    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Hey Diane, thanks for stopping by and reading my article! The Google Keyword tool is pretty good, but it’s a little dumbed down from what it used to be. Ever since it became Google Planner it just hasn’t been nearly as good for more than just basic keyword research. I much prefer Jaaxy for keyword research, not only because of what it gives you just as a keyword tool, but also the additional tools it offers in kind of an all in one package. Being able to do a regular keyword search, alphabet soup search, having search analytics, and site rankings all in one place is pretty awesome. This is all personal preference, I’m sure, but I really suggest trying Jaaxy out with its 30 free searches and see what you think! Hope this helps. 🙂

  3. Heathguy33

    Excellent article I’ve been thinking about starting an online business more so my on website than a business but my wife always tells me I need to research good quality keywords. I did t know where to look. So I googled ways to do such and this article popped up. I’m so glad I found it as I’m now a very happy jaaxy user now.


    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      Great to hear! I’m glad you found this article so helpful! 🙂

  4. wagreatstuff

    Hey, Christian. This is great. I am glad I found this article as I was looking for a powerful product but cannot afford to pay too much for it. Jaaxy sounds like THE keyword research tool for me. Will definitely go for the free try before buying in. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Christian Dorius Post author

      I’m glad you found the article helpful. I definitely recommend trying it out, especially because it’s free to try. I would never recommend something to you guys that didn’t let you at least try before you buy!

  5. Jacob Schilling

    Hi Christian. I myself use a combination of Semrush, Jaaxy, and google search as well to find my keywords. Jaaxy really is a great keyword tool, what do you think about Jaaxy being integrated with the Wealthy Affiliate platform? I think that members are really going to appreciate the Lite version of Jaaxy, as it will give them a good idea on if it is a good idea to upgrade or not as you get unlimited keyword searches, compared to the 30 searches you were allowed before.


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